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There are many tarot readers and they all have their own unique way of reading tarot for you. Getting a reading from a professional has some great benefits; another peson can look at your situation from a distance and tell you honestly what is going on without being emotionally attached to the subject. When you read your own tarot cards this is one of the pitfalls; you can have a blind spot for things happening in your own situation. The pitfall of getting a tarot reading from someone else is that you don’t know where this information is based on. Some people decide at a moment they like to read their own readings. Maybe you have already a tarot deck at home but you don’t know how to read the cards.

So personally I think it is best to learn tarot yourself. You can always as another reader to do a reading for you.  I have a lot of reasons for this opinion. The first is that when you don’t know how tarot works, you make yourself dependent of the skills of your tarot reader. If this reader is someone that have good communicative, analytic, intuitive and empathic skills then you probably have a reading you will learn a lot of, but not every reader have all these skills.
Since tarot readers are mortal human beings as well, there are also tarotreaders that do have there own blockages. This can influences the reading when they are projecting there own blockages during the reading on youre situation. If you are in a period that you need clarity this will work the opposite.

Another reason to do selfreadings is that you will develop your intuition, self-knowledge and therefore you will gain more clarity in your life. Reading your own cards can be seen as a way of meditation.

Even your tarotreader is a psychic or a very wise person, I am sorry to disturb your fairy tales; they are humans as well. It sounds like a cliché but it is true; you know yourself what is best for you. If you think you are not, on I’ll give you some tools and handles to get more self esteem, self confidence and get rid of self doubt.
The pitfall of doing your own readings is that you can not do a clear reading when you are emotionally unstable. Wait until the anger, sadness or other emotion is over and you will see that you will look in a different way to the meaning of the cards. Although these different views of the same cards tell a lot about you as well and how you are reacting when you feel emotionally unstable.

All the information on this website is written based on my subjective opinion about tarot readings and tarot cards since reading tarot cards is a personal experience as well. When using the techniques and methods I recommened on this website, you will agree to take responsabilty for yourself and for you own well being. When you are emotionally unstable, depressed or having a mental disorder, I discourage doing tarot readings.
When you don’t understand a reading or tarot card you can ask a second opinion of your tarot colleagues. There are many forums on the internet where you can ask questions (anonymously).