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Healing Tarot Net

Feeling stuck or do you want to break through old patterns and behaviors?


Tarot is a beautiful tool to trace resistance! Are you scared to see the Tower card in your readings? Healing Tarot Net gives you a positive perspective on tarot cards that you could interpret as negative. This website is made for you as tarot beginner or advanced tarot reader who wants a clear and short description of the meaning of each tarot card AND solutions to clear resistances within yourself.

Healing Tarot Card Meanings + Healing Solutions


This website goes further then the explanation of tarot card meanings upright and reversed! For every blockade you find in a tarot reading, I will give you advice and healing solutions to unblock this aspect. The card meanings descriptions on Healing Tarot Net are healing tarot card meanings. This website is all about insight, self-knowledge and healing solutions. Healing Tarot Net is a beautiful tool for personal development in the area of love relationship, financial issues, spiritual growth and more.

With my background as a Traditional Chinese Medicine student I like to say:

Use tarot as a way to detect blockades in order to solve them!


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