What are Tarot Cards?


what are tarot cards

There are 78 cards in a tarot deck. Every card has about 16 meanings or even more. The 78 cards are divided into 22 Major Arcana tarot cards and 56 Minor Arcana tarot cards (whose are 16 Court cards).

Every card has a number (except for the court cards) that tell about the vibration of a card. For example number 4 is about stability, stucture and planning. Number 4 is connected with the Emperor (number 4) and the Minor cards with the number 4. When combined with a 6 card (that is about harmony and love), it is possible the reading is about a stable love relationship.
Out of a numerologic point of view the card Death has number 4 as well because numbers in numerologic tarot are reduced to one number. Death is originally card number 13 which you can see as 1 + 3 = 4.
Another way to to read the numbers is to choose to use the second number. In that case the Death card with number 13 resonates with number 3.

Reversed cards
On this website you can read the upright and reversed meaning of the card. When a card shows up reversed the meaning of the card hasn’t changed. A reversed card shows that the meaning of the card is blocked or that the situation, action or emotion is not fully developed yet. It can also be seen as something to work on, depending on the surrounding cards. Reversed, cards are having sometimes too much of the aspect of the card but sometimes it is a lack. With some cards that have a sad feel to it, like the 10 of wands for example, a reversal can tell that a uncomfortable situation is over. A card like the hermit can mean that the hermit is coming into society again. I will explain this at every reversed card.

So reversals can mean:
– a lack of an aspect of the card
– too much of an aspect of the card
– an aspect of the card is blocked
– an aspect of the card has opened and is available now
– an aspect of the card is not fully developed yet
– an aspect of the card is something to work on because it is not there yet or there is too much of it

What the exact meaning of the card is depents on the surrounding cards, the question and the context of the reading.

Healing solutions
The level of difficulty of a situation in your life has also to do with how your point of view is according to the subject and how you deal with the subject. This is easy just to say, so to help you with this I will notice at every card a healing solution for it. The links are directing you to my website www.healingmethods.net. Here you can find self help methods.

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