daily tarot reading December 3 2018
Daily Tarot Reading

Daily Tarot Card Reading December 3 (2018)

Daily Tarot Card Reading December 3 (2018) #dailytarot

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This tarot deck is used in this video:

Tarot card combinations:

king of cups reversed clarified by 5 of pentacles upright and 8 of wands upright

king of cups reversed clarified by 5 of pentacles upright = poor people skills or lack of empathy (for a situation, person or in general) which results in a lack of emotional support.

king of cups reversed clarified by 8 of wands upright = fast communicative confirmation of the lack of empathy and people skills. Lack of bringing a message across in an appropriate way (emotionally). Fear of flying or a lacking the feeling of direction.

5 of pentacles upright + 8 of wands upright = broken vehicle that is still fast on the road. Not enough transport options. Traffic ticket.

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