Free Tarot Reading Week 16

Free Tarot Reading Week 16, 2017


Free tarot reading for week 16

RED: The 8 of cups reversed. This is a week of letting go and moving on in regard to emotions and feelings. When it comes to work or business it could be time to say goodbye to a project which has a lot of emotional value for you but it seems you just can’t let it emotionally go yet. On a subconscious level you know things will be fine when you let it go because there will be something better coming in its place. This weekly tarot reading means in regard to love and relationship that its time for a new stage in your relationship and to let go of the immature emotions, feelings and subjects that do not have the value for you anymore like it did before.

GREEN: The page of pentacles reversed. For you this week is about learning and materializing. This week there is a lot to learn when it comes to business and work, but you need to be able to see this. When you are not able to notice it could mean a (temporary) loss of money. This week it will help you when you have the approach of a child who is seeing something for the first time. It could be that you will get a small task or a parttime job offered for a few hours a week. You need to see the opportunities and chances that come with it. This weekly tarot reading means in regard to love and relationships that you need to pay more attention to the small gestures in the relationship and to be more focused on the possibilities of your relationship. It could be that one of you has a wandering eye or acts immature in regard to emotional subjects and material investments.

YELLOW: The 6 of cups reversed. Traumas or bad memories in regard to trust could be a theme this week for you. This could make that you playfully weighting your options. So in regard to work and career it could be that an employer is not meeting his appointments and so you might think about another offer you have got from a company. In regard to love, friendships and relationships it could be that bad past memories that have damaged your trust are making you think in te present already about a plan B. The cards show to focus more on the good memories you have with this friend/partner and/or to keep the goal you have together in mind.



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