Free Tarot Reading Week 17, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 17, 2017


Free tarot reading for week 17


GREEN: 10 of pentacles Family matters could be a theme for you this week. This week spending time with your family feels more important then other weeks. It could also feel like you are taken for granted by your partner or children or you need to spend more quality time with your family. Spending money and your time wise this week could help you out with themes in regard to injustice. It could also be that family is helping you out with money problems which will restore the balance in your finances and in your family life. Even if there are things going on outside of your family, things will feel stable and you can lean on your family or people that feel like your family.

YELLOW: 8 of wands. Processes are going fast this week. These processes could lead to entering new society’s or communities. You will be introduced in new communities. So for example if you have a new girl or boyfriend you will meet their family very soon. Everything you have invest energy in last time will return to you in high speed. Also if you are waiting for results, for example if you get the job, you will hear about it more soon then you had expected.

RED: Queen of wands reversed. If you used your willpower last time to reach your goals, this week you might realize its not the right way and you need to find another way. If you feel burned out its time to find back what you are really passionate about. This tarot card reading in regard to love and relationships you might feel the need for having more fun together but it also shows that you need to commit in order to get a stable relationship.

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Great peek into the week!
My half month card … : Was king of swords!

That means war, you know me