Free Tarot Reading Week 18, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 18, 2017


Free tarot reading for week 18

GREEN: 3 of cups reversed. Social interaction, friendships and third parties are a theme for you this week. Unfortunatly this week you might feel friendships where not as good as you thought they were. This could be about friends, familyconnections or collegues. The advice of the cards is that there might be coming an end to friendships with people that don’t work for you any more but don’t worry about it because the universe has a better plan for you in mind in regard to friends. You will attract new people in your life but this week it is mainly about the completion of relationships and friendships that are not for your highest good. This week you might meet friends who open up about the friendship/relationship you have with them or you open up about it and that it could be time for a new direction within this friendship/relationship.

YELLOW: 9 of wands. Cautiousness and carefull behavior are having a bigger influence on your week then normally. You or you partner is acting carefull because they feel like they will miss an opportunity that they did not expect to loose. This could have to do with your relationship, money or other durable subjects. Also, because of overly cautious behavior you could miss durable opportunities this week. The advice is to be carefull this week but don’t exeggerate because you will miss opportunities because of it. This week will be mostly an adventure on your own and an inner journey.

RED: 9 of pentacles. Having a good time on your own is the theme of this week by slipping away. It could be that you take a day off or that you don’t have to work and so you will have some time for yourself and enjoy the things you have and the things you have reached. In regard to relationships one of you is taking some time for themself or is sneaking away out of the situation as it is right now. In regard to work this week is about enjoying independent projects and to enjoy the results of it. Issues with trust could also be the reason for sneaking away this week.


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