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Free Tarot Reading Week 21, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 21, 2017

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the hanged man reversed.

If you felt stuck last time in your work, business or relationship this week you might feel like you need to tell what is really on your mind or in your heart. It could also be that someone in your environment can’t wait any longer to tell about the situation they are in. In regard to business and career you will hear feedback or the money that comes in. A passive time is over and its time to do something about the situation you are in. This could be businesswise or relationship wise. In regard to emotions you might have some emotions to process this week because you might have waited so long for an answer thats not coming. Don’t take decisions too fast this week.

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If you have worked hard, this week there will be justice for what you have done last time. This week you can pick the fruits of your hard work. In regard to finances you could receive some money or material items that you didn’t expect to receive (even when you knew it is yours). Belongings will return this week and you will get what you deserve. This week the aspects in your life that where going in a wrong direction will this week turn back on the right path. This week karma is at play.

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This week is about protecting and saving others by creating illusions that things are fine. In the end of these week they will be but it looks like other people are saving you from unnecessary drama without you knowing this which is very kind of them. It works also the other way around. It could be that you are saving and protecting people in your environment from drama. This week there could also be some medicine or drugs come into play which makes you see things different which could inspire you to make changes in reality.

This is a free tarot reading, for personal questions visit our tarot shop.

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