Free Tarot Reading Week 22, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 22, 2017


Free tarot reading for week 22, 2017

YELLOW: Judgement reversed. This week the theme is about letting go of old habits and other past experiences that do not serve you anymore. It is time to see the truth which could feel like a relief. This week the challenge is to let go and see the truth instead of falling into old self made mindtraps. Spiritual awakening is on the corner but you need to catch it by seeing through your own habits and patterns. So in regard to work and career you might know all the time you need to search for a new job but you don’t. Or your relationship suffers but you don’t do anything about it. This week it is time to open your heart and see what is needed and do something about it. Events occur this week that challenge you to wake up.

GREEN: page of cups reversed. Friendly gestures are very appreciated this week. The challenge this week is not only to dream but also to make promises reality. If you have dreams for the future, keep them in your heart this week. This week could be emotionally a challenge, it is good to dream but also to stay grounded. Emotional reactions could trigger changes this week prematurly so in regard to work and career it will be good to wait and see rather then jumping into a situation. Also in regard to love and relationships it would be good to not let yourself be directed too much by emotions.

RED: 5 of cups. If there is someone you love you don’t see much this week, you might feel this week a sadness or feeling of loss needs to be processed. Also processing a previous relationship could be the case. In regard to work and career there might be some emotional events involved which makes that there is a feeling of loss on the workfloor. It could also be that a businessplan didn’t work out as you thought. The advice is to take your time but also to look at what you do have, so you can build your happiness from there.

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