Free Tarot Reading Week 23, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 23, 2017


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This week has a overall action orientated vibe and shifting to new periods in your life.


Ace of wands tarot card.

If there was a down period, this week is full of new sparks. In regard to job and regard there might be new opportunities coming up that makes you very enthusiastic. This week you probably see your job/career or love relationship in a different light because new opportunities are coming up. It will be good to prepare yourself for this new perspective. It could be that your love relationship takes a new turn this week so that you need some time to withdraw what to do with these brand new opportunities. It could be that you hear suddenly that you are going to travel with your partner for example.

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Wheel of fortune tarot card.

Unplanned meetings and events could make that appointments and work will move to the background. It looks like personal priorities are shifting this week. In regard to love and relationship you will be spending more time on each other then work that needs to be done. Events that are beyond your control could make that you spend this week time with people you didn’t expect to spend time with this week.

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The sun tarot card.

A positive week with new beginnings and recognition for your work or business. Happiness because of succes on your job or career are a theme this week. There is probably something to celebrate. Also travelling for your work could be a subject. In regard to love and relationships this week there will be more space to give each other recognition and appreciation.

This is a free tarot reading, for personal questions visit our tarot shop.

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