Free Tarot Reading Week 24, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 24, 2017


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page of swords reversed.

Silence vs rumour is the theme of the week. If there are bad times, happy times or your partner is just absent at the moment, it just seems that silence is the answer at the moment to bring a completly different atmosphere for the positive in regard to love and relationships. Temporary silence will bring your relationship a different view on your situation. On the other hand, silence could make other people wonder this week what is going on. This could create rumour or gossip on the workfloor. The wisdom of this week is silence.

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6 of pentacles.

Restoring harmony by sharing, giving and receiving is your theme this week. Support seems all around or you are the one is very generous this week. Something you should be aware of this week is creating a balance between giving and receiving. It could also be that you will get something in return this week for your hard work or generosity. If you have put some effort in it, in regard to work, finances and career this week there are opportunities for new sources of income. In regard to love it is this week you and your partner are more resilient when it comes to sharing and caring for each other.

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2 of wands reversed.

This week, taking bold action could give you recognition as well in regard to business as in love and relationship. For some reason it is difficult to take that action but you know what to do. There are no doubts this week and you seem to know what you want. You know what to do but there could be some procrestination involved. So maybe you need to tell/ ask your partner or your employer something but find it difficult to go for it. Keep your goals in mind and you will be more focused to get what you need at the moment. Just go for it!

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