Free Tarot Reading Week 25, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 25, 2017


Free tarot reading for week 25, 2017


4 of swords. The things you like to achieve might this week keep you from sleeping. In regard to job and career this week will be about finding it difficult to take your rest and you might feel like things need to be done. This might be because you feel like you can’t explain yourself why you did certain actions or tasks the way you did. Things will go your way when you take charge, organize and do everything that is needed to get there. In regard to love and relationship your partner might push themself for no clear reason but they seem to have a goal in mind. The advice for this week is not to push yourself too much but be efficient so you can take your rest you need this week. You might feel like you need to take the lead in your relationship because your partner isn’t clear about the direction of the relationship or you feel there need to be a direction. This week the advice is, rather then reacting out of stress when it comes to your love relationship, to view it from a distance first.


9 of pentacles. Enjoying time and comfort on your own is your theme this week. Also, this is a time to see in which aread your successes are and to continue doing this. In regard to business you need to see the opportunities in the business you are already in. Some opportnuities or clients will probably show up this week. New projects in the business you are in seem to be working out very well. In your love relationship there is more space for taking time for yourself. You might explore your own new talents and skills this week by taking time for yourself. Indepency is a theme in regard to love and relationship this week and creates new opportunities in your relationship.


5 of wand reversed. You might had a turbulent time behind you and this week it is like the heat dies down. In regard to job and career the battle is over. You might did a test or had to compete with others/collueges but this week the battle is over. It is time to let it go and to think of new starts. The cards show cautioness but the sad feelings will fade away this week. In regard to love and relationship it is time to let go of any negativity this week because it is time for a new start. Holding on to conflict won’t work for anyone. The cards show this week is about getting away from any negativity and arguments and think of positive new starts.


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