Free Tarot Reading Week 26, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 26, 2017

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star reversed. Challenges in regard to houses or home could make you worried. You might feel worried if you are welcome somewhere you are going this week, like an official event, party or family gathering). Don’t let your worries about what otherpeople think overrule this week because then you miss the great part. It is time to let worries heal this week and try to enjoy what you have and to see the positive side. If you feel vulnerable you will see that this won’t do any harm but even make that people will welcome you and let you also see their vulnerable side. Also in regard to love and relationship this week is about welcoming eachothers vulnerability.

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the hanged man reversed. Not wanting to sacrifice anything could be a theme for you or people you meet or hang around with this week. So for example in regard to physical health you might know you need to do something about your health or excercises but you don’t feel like it. It is this week about not wanting to sacrifice more then about the procrastination. In regard to finances this could result in holding back with your money or investments because you don’t know what to expect back or an offer just doesn’t sound interesting to you. This will probably be a slow and passive week without too much hassle. With more you more back from the people or business.

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the magician. This week focus on what you DO want instead of want you don’t want because manifestations could accur in positive or negative ways. There mght be some conflicts this week which you can solve by focusing on what you do want and what you like. So even when you are in an undesirable situation, this week you will make it work and make great things happen when you focus on what direct you like to go. This is a powerfull week to manifest what you feel is best for the situation.

This is a free tarot reading, for personal questions visit our tarot shop.

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