Free Tarot Reading Week 27, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 27, 2017

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2 of cups

You might get to know people better this week because you might feel the need for emotional contact. In regard to love and relationship you are having this week a stronger bond with eachother because there is a need for emotional contact. Depending on your situation this also happens because of fear that the other person is having a good time on there own. Fear and bondage could be an issue this week but makes an emotional connection stronger. The advice is to enjoy what you have and to change the bondage into a loving connection. A friendship with someone you have a good connection and understanding with might be disrupted by fear of others or by yourself. This makes that the connection is only possible when you are alone with that person or you have fear being alone with that person. In regard to business and career is about working together with someone you have mutual understanding with.

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hierophant reversed

Norms and values are a theme this week.. You might meet people who do have different norms and values then you have. Different mentallities could make you feel gratefull and good about your own past. Sometimes we might think we had a difficult time or that our parents didn’t well. This week your norms and values make that you are happy for what you have learnt in your life in regard to norms and values. It seems like it is time to shine a light on your own norms and values and what the past has to do with it. The energy of this week seems time to be about completing good and bad memories by keeping your norms and values in check.

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4 of cups

This week lethargy could be a theme for you because of letting go of something or someone you which/who was important to you. So for example if you was very involved in a project on your work, you might not be interested anymore because you already found out for yourself you won’t stick to this project. The advice of this week is to listen better to your intuition because it looks like you are letting go of an opportunity on an emotional level which is making you more happy. This could be a new lover, new friends or just doing things you love in general because of the feeling you can’t be bothered. Be honest with yourself about what is making you happy in you life and accept the things and people in your life that you love.

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