Free Tarot Reading Week 28, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 28, 2017

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5 of wands reversed

In regard to sport or business and career this week different opinions could be a challenge. Demotivation could accur by endless discussions or unfair competition. The advice is to share with eachother what is on your mind so the discussions get a direction that can lead to success for the company or your career. Also in regard to love and relationships there is a need for sharing to make discussion usefull to make the relationship go in the right direction. Otherwise arguing could create this week a lack of stability and enthusiasm. This could lead to dropping tasks and duties. When there were a lot of discussions in your relationship last time, this week will be a week to share and care for eachother again.

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7 of cups reversed

This week you might come to a realization on what you have and that you can strategically better keep what you have. This week you probably become more conscious about what opportunities that are on your path are real and what might have been delude you last time. So career opportunities that aren’t for you make that you like to keep the job you already have. In regard to love and relationship you might come to the conclusion that at this moment your relationship is as it is and that you can better make the best time out of it. If so, you will have joyfull week week with your partner but without the illusions you had before about them. Crushes could become friends.

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3 of wands reversed

If you didn’t see potential in your job or relationship, this week it would be good to check if this is really so. Why do you feel like there is no potential if it is about your relationship? Is it really so that your job doesn’t have any potential or are emotions about a situation that happend last time the reason you don’t see the potential? Also expectations play a role this week and could make you don’t see the potential in a situation. The advice is to see what is possible and to direct your life in that direction. Take a carefull look at what is possible in your job or relationship and lead it to that direction. Keep your emotions in check because they could this week block you seeing the potential.

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