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Free Tarot Reading Week 31, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 31, 2017

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The Chariot

Nothing can stop you this week. Willpower and to overcome obstacles is very present for you this week. Pay attention to the things in your life you need more control over and to direct them in the right direction. Focus your attention on your goals. Spiritual transformations make that you can finally leave that behind what didn’t make you happy anymore. In regard to work and career you might be finally ready to make that change. It is time to end a chapter in a gracefull way. In regard to love and relationships this week could be emotional but this week you will be more able to master your emotions in a way that it could lead to transformations in your relationship.

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7 of wands

This week is about making your point clear in a successfull way. If there is something on your mind that you like to proof or you didn’t felt heard, this week you will get the opportunity to show what you are capable of. Having good arguments and standing up for what you stand for could make you seen this week. If you have fear to speak in public, you might be on stage this week for example. In regard to live and relationships it might be time to stand up for yourself and to show your strong character. A resolute energy helps you this week to combat criticism and to know that you are on the right path.

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High Priestess reversed

If you can’t take that bold action this week you might be tuning in more into your intuition. Spiritual guidance will lead you to the right directions when you listen to your inner voice. Take some time for yourself if there are doubts on aspects in your life. Meditate or ask for spiritual guidance from a spiritual teacher for example. When your intuitive capabilities are blocked it could be that you need some time alone and to undue yourself from the energies around you. Focus on your own energy to feel what is your and what are energies of others. In regard to love and relationships this week some questions about double agenda’s and secrets might come up. If there are questions rising up this week you can ask a spiritual guide for help.

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