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Free Tarot Reading Week 36, 2017

Free Tarot Reading Week 36, 2017

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6 of cups

Evaluation of past experiences mostly in the social area of your life are a theme this week. People you didn’t see for a while might show up in a way that they could send you a friendship invite on social media or in real life. In regard to love and relationships you might evaluate your feelings about your partner, date, fling or a lover from the past. Happy memories  are more dominant this week than bad experiences because with these relationship analyses you might try to find out where it did go wrong because it was such a geat time together. “Why don’t we see each other more often?” and “Why did we stop seeing each other?” are the sayings of this week. Also in regard to work and career this week you be busy finding out what you really loved to do for a living in the past. Employers from the past might get in contact with you or the other way around.

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The Hermit

This week you will learn a lot on a spiritual level to expand your wisdom. Having a good time all by yourself and finding out how to maintain these feelings could be a theme for you this week. You might be more conscious or you will be asked to see the importance of indepency and making your life comfortable by yourself. In regard to finances you will be guided this week to become more self-reliant or you will become conscious of the importance to not be dependent on others. In regard to love and relationships you need some time for yourself or your partner is physically or emotionally not available at the moment. Inner experiences are dominant this week. In regard to work and career you might start thinking about having your own business or being self-employed in your work. When you already have your own business this week you will spend more time on finding out how to get more time for your personal life. A week with a lot of inspiration passing by.

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8 of wands

Making the impossible possible or making the possible impossible within a short amount of time is the theme of the week. Going after your delayed rewards by speeding up processes keeps you probably less energy then you might have thought. Job and career: When it looks like you are not getting the rewards for your work or you are waiting already a long time on the money you should receive from a client or you employer, this week is about going after what you deserve because you worked for it and the Universe is speeding things up. In regard to love and relationships it is time to make situations that looks impossible, possible. Problem solving will be quick this week which could turn out the way you wished for even faster than expected. If you are travelling this week or you want to go travelling it will happen this week. Fast processes and things you like to come across, come across fast. Also the things you had in mind will be happening in front of you. Be sure you are not making the possible impossible this week. Miracles do exist.

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