Healing tarot card combinations: Are you a healer?


Tarot card combinations that indicate healers and their healing abilities. Spot healing and healers in your tarot readings.

Healing tarot card combinations: Kind of healers


the high priestess tarotqueen of pentacles tarot cards meanings










The High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles (water + earth)

The tarot card combination of the queen of pentacles together with the high priestess could represent someone who has the ability to heal intuitively. This kind of healer has an earthy way of healing. They work for example with herbs, aroma therapies and other tangible healing products and therapies. She has a wide range of knowledge about healing. Examples are:

  • Naturopathy
  • Alternative medicine
  • Herbs and aroma therapies
  • Traditional Medicine from different (ancient) cultures
  • Ancient medicine
  • Reiki and energy healing

king of cups tarot card meanings










The King of Cups

  • Empathic coach
  • Western psychologist
  • Emotional counselor
  • Relationship counselor

emperor tarotking of swords tarot card meanings










The Emperor & The King of Swords (fire +air)

  • Western doctor
  • Surgeon
  • Medical advisor and health planner

Healing tarot cards combinations: Healing abilities


the high priestess tarottarot empress card meaning










The High Priestess & The Empress (water + earth)

This tarot card combination is about higher knowledge in combination with natural healing. Nature is abundant and restores itself. It is has a “passive” way of healing. If you have a wound for example it will heal by itself. This complex process and the reason on how nature works is presented by the high priestess. She has the knowledge about these processes. The manifestation of nature, like for example the plants and the trees are represented by the empress.

When a person has a symmetrical face we tend to perceive the person as more beautiful then someone with an asymmertical face. Symmetry seems a sign of health. Since this tarot card combination also represent healing by beauty we can refer to patterns and shapes in nature that can heal us, this tarot card combination refers to the golden ratio and symmetrical patterns like crop circles.


the high priestess tarottemperance tarot card meanings










The High Priestess & Temperance (water + fire)

Because the High Priestess and the Temperance tarot card are a combination of instant healing, this could be interpret as miracle healing. Also healing by inner knowledge could be represented by this taro card combination. Another meaning could be protection and healing by using your intuition in the right way.


the magician tarot cardtemperance tarot card meanings










The Magician & Temperance (air + fire)

This tarot card combination shows an active way of healing. The magician is an initiator. Together with the temperance card indicates this healer does exactly what is needed to make healing possible because all elements are used in the exact right amount and combination. This tarot card combination feels alchemistic.


hermit tarot card meaningtemperance tarot card meanings










The Hermit & Temperance (earth + fire)

Healing by retreat or withdrawel. It could also indicate that someone in a state of mourning. Patience is needed to heal. A slow process of healing. Healing could be in this case a process of withdrawel and dealing with personal issues first in order to heal.

This could be a healer who is overthinking how he should heal the person.


hierophant tarot

temperance tarot card meanings










The Hierophant & Temperance (earth + fire)

Faith healing or healing by faith is represented by the Hierophant and the Temperance tarot card. Because the Hierophant could indicate norms and values, this combination of tarot cards could also represent that society is healing like they become more civilist and reach a new level in regard to norms and values.

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