13-19 November 2017 tarot reading
Weekly Tarot Readings

November 13-19 2017 Weekly Tarot Reading

Week 46

November 13 – 19 2017 weekly tarot reading

Every week I share inspiration through this weekly tarot card reading. You can use this inspiration for personal development and to get insight in your situation. If you have questions or you like to tell how you (last) week was, feel free to leave a comment below.

Here you kind find the reading from last week: https://healingtarot.net/november-2017-weekly-tarot-reading/

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November 13-19 2017 Weekly tarot reading

 13-19 November 2017 tarot reading



love and relationships

If you are not happy anymore in your current situation, this week it is all about becoming happy again by letting your emotions flow and to start to create you own happiness. The 10 of cups shows that happiness is present through your love ones, friends and family and you might feel a need to share these feelings with them this week.

If you need some care and love from the people who mean to you a lot to you, don’t hesitate to let them know how they can help you. The 10 cups reversed indicates here you need to learn to fulfill your emotional needs. How  do you get the right treatment for what you need? Express you feelings and emotions towards your loved ones so they know how you really feel. If you are for example very happy with them, just let them know by asking them out, give them a present or doing fun things together. Let your feelings flow.

work and career

In regard to work and career you might feel a need to make things more fun for yourself. Ask yourself what the kind of work/hobby made you the most happy in the past. Why did this made you happy, which aspects made you happy? If it is still relevant, try to implement this aspect in the work you do right now to make your work fun.

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Love and relationships

For singles this week you are playing with the thoughts to find love or just a good friend. You might attract people this week who are capable of being a true friend.

In regard to love and relationships if you or your partner is having a busy time and is trying to manage their balance between work and family/relationship, this week there will be more balance in seeing each other, which makes that the relationship improves.

Work and career

It will be a busy week or you try to manage many things at once and you are are sucessfull in doing so. There will some negotiations going on and they will be handled on the norms and values of society. This might be a negotion on your salary or other aspects in your life that are important for you at the moment. There is a level of succes you will reach this week, this might be on an emotional level by handling situations in a playfull way. In regard to work it is a busy week where you can show what you are capable of.


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Love and relationships

There will be chances on your path this week in regard to finding a love interest. The most important to know is to be yourself and not to pretend to be someone you are not. Because the king of wands reversed shows here that there is a chance for succes but only when you are showing your true self. If not, this relationship won’t last long.

This card could also indicate you need to be careful who you hang around with. The king of wands reversed could be a wolf in sheep clothing or just not compatible. So for example if you are hiring someone to do a certain job, they will promise a lot but in the end they are not that skilled as they have promised. You need to pay attention to what is reachable and what are false promises from yourself or from the people around you. Macho types and feminine macho’s who show off with their looks can be represented by the king of wands reversed. Don’t fall for their manipulation.

If you are in a relationship, there are some issues with masculinity or the question on what it means to be a man. Or for women what is the right kind of man to be in a relationship with. The advice for men is that there is no answer on such a popular magazine question and that you need to be yourself because you are good the way you are. For women the advice is to listen better to your intuition and to take your responsabilities when it comes to “the right men”.

Work and career

Also in regard to work it will be better to not promise anything what you can’t deliver. Be self-aware on you can and what you cannot. The king of wands reversed could also be you or a manager who is not strong enough to just tell what needs to be done and who is afraid of saying “no”.

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