3 Reasons to learn reading reversed tarot cards – Part 1


When you shuffle your tarot deck, it happens sometimes that you draw an upside down tarot card. This is what we call a reversed tarot card. When you google for “reversed tarot cards” you will notice that they are are also called tarot card rx which means that the webpage is bout reversed tarot cards.


There are a lot of tarot readers who only read upright tarot cards. Only when a tarot cards shows up reversed in their tarot reading “by accident”, they pay attent will read it as reversed. Other tarot readers will only read upright tarot cards and change cards to upright cards when they appear reversed in their reading.


Part 1: Do you struggle with reading reversed tarot cards? In this part I will give solutions to make reading reversed tarot cards more easy for you.

Part 2:  You can read here how reversed tarot cards could help you to make your reading more specific.




  1. “Reversed tarot cards makes my readings confusing.” Reading reversed tarot cards isn’t more difficult then reading upright tarot cards. It is another technique to clarify your tarot reading. Reading reversed cards are very helpful for personal development and self improvement. Join the free online tarot course to learn more about reading tarot.  More knowledge about the tarot card meanings and tarot combinations will help you reading tarot cards easier. You can join the free membership where you can enroll for the free online tarot course.
  2. “Reversed tarot cards are not how tarot cards are meant to read”. This really depents on what your goal is with reading tarot. If you like to read tarot as a history teacher to do research on traditional tarot, you can read them upright. If you like to read tarot as a tool for personal improvement you better can choose what fits more with who you are. Many tarot readers prooved that both techniques work very well.
  3.  “Reversed cards make the tarot reading more negative.” Both, upright and reversed cards can be read “positive” or “negative”, it depents on the context and the question of the reading. Please remember that tarot readings are not made to please you (temporarily) but to get an overview on the situation and to understand where you are right now. The knowledge about where you are at right now, despite of it being “positive” or “negative”, will please you in a long term manner: That is why tarot is a great tool for personal improvement. Reversed tarot cards make the reading more specific and more detailed but not necessarily more negative. Reversed cards are still the same cards with the same essence of the meaning of the card.


Examples of shifting card meanings


The hanged man UPRIGHT could mean —> overthinking is necessary, making an offer

The hanged man REVERSED could mean —> the decision is made, getting the answer to a major question


The 5 of cups UPRIGHT could mean —-> sadness, not seeing the positivity that is still their despite the drama

The 5 of cups REVERSED could mean —-> ending of sadness, sorrow is passing away, time to release the sadness


The 3 of swords UPRIGHT could mean —> hurt, betrayal, pain, heartache

The 3 of swords REVERSED could mean —> starting to heal the hurt, releasing the swords (pain)


There are many more cards that can be more positive when they appear reversed, depending on the question and the context of the tarot reading. The context of the tarot reading is the most important on how to read a tarot card. When your question is: “Is my husband creating quality time for us soon?” and you draw the hermit reversed it could mean that he thinks it is time to leave his man cave. With the hermit would appear upright he is far away from leaving his man cave.


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“Upright” tarot readers often use “dignities” instead of reversed cards to accentuate tarot cards and combinations. It works both, it is just a personal choice. In this article You read about the benefits of using reversed cards. If you like to read upright with (elemental) dignities, please read here about it.”


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