Fake Psychics

fake psychics

I like to share something because this is a common subject for tarot readers, psychics and everyone who ever got a reading or is searching for a reader. The words fake psychic and psychic scam seem to do very well… (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 8

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 8 – Love and Career Forecast 22th of February 2016 – 28th of February 2016   Love & Relationship:    The sun reversed   The sun reversed could indicate that in the love and relationship area you are feeling overwhelmed…. (READ MORE)

How to choose a tarot deck

How to choose a tarot deck   “I found out that there are some ingredients that makes a tarot deck for me as complete as the RWS deck….make yourself a list of ingredients that makes a tarot deck great for you. Find… (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 3

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 3 – Love and Career Forecast 18th of January 2016 – 24th of January 2016 Love & Relationship:  page of swords upright Direct confrontations and heated discussions are this week probably needed to clear the air. While it is good… (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 2

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 2 – Love and Career Forecast 11th of January 2016 – 17th of January 2016   Love & Relationship:    The 2 of swords upright With the 2 of swords upright it seems to be a challenge this week… (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 1

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 1 – Love and Career Forecast 4th of January 2016 – 10th of January 2016   Love & Relationship:  8 of pentacles reversed This week there are some miscommunications and as a result appointments aren’t being met. This lack… (READ MORE)

Love & Marriage Tarot Cards

Love & Marriage Tarot Cards Update: 10-06-2017 Examples of tarot cards that often show up in a happy love and marriage tarot card reading:   The Hierophant upright – Tradition This is a card of tradition and values and norms…. (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading – Week 51

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 51 – Love and Career Forecast 14th of December 2015 – 20th of December 2015     Love & Relationship:   The empress upright The empress together with the sun upright as clarification card could indicate pregnancy or the… (READ MORE)

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 50

Weekly Tarot Reading Week 50 – Love and Career Forecast 7th of November 2015 – 13th of December 2015 General  The tarot cards for this week are all in the upright position, so the energy is flowing in the right direction and it… (READ MORE)

Knight of Cups movie – 2015

Knight of cups – The Movie – 2015   Director: Terrence Malick Duur: 1 u 58 m Scenario: Terrence Malick Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki Release Date: March 4, 2016   Official website: TheKnightofCupsmovie.com| Facebook| Twitter| Instagram     Knight of Cups – The Movie… (READ MORE)