Weekly Tarot Reading – Ace of Pentacles RX, 8 of pentacles RX, 4 of swords

Weekly Tarot Reading – Ace of Pentacles RX, 8 of pentacles RX, 4 of swords – 25 May 2015


weekly tarot reading 25 may 2015

The Tarot Card of this week is 8 of pentacles reversed. As clarifying cards I pulled the ace of pentacles reversed and 9 of pentacles.

Tarot card combination

Are you afraid you are not getting the job done this week? The 8 of pentacles reversed shows that it is possible to do your job right, but it looks like that it is not the right time yet. The 4 of swords shows that you are having some time off. Maybe you feel overworked or you are having a holiday. It could be that you are missing some opportunities because you do not feel ready to do what it takes to succeed.

It is important this week to surrender and to let money flow to you. If you have a creative block, take enough time off to rest. If you are working to much it won’t make it better. Try to find the right balance in work and taking time off. When you had enough rest you will see the opportunities more clearly. Take good care of your health.



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