Tarot Card Combinations & Meanings List

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Because I was excited to do so, I wrote some tarot combinations down over the time. Ofcourse the meanings of the specific tarot card combinations always depends on the questions you asked the tarot cards and which spread you are using. It is too simplistic to think that you will find answers of your complete tarot reading on the internet, but you will get inspiration from it to your right answer. Use your intuition to read your tarot reading and learn how to read tarot cards. You can use these tarot combinations as an example of what combinations of tarot cards together could indicate.

If you want to know how you can read any tarot card combination by yourself, read the article 4 Steps to read tarot card combinations as a Pro.


0 – The Fool

The Fool upright and Temperance reversed

A new beginning is coming but it isn’t the right time, the right place and the right environment. This is not by chance or a mistake, it is a lesson. Another option is that the fool feels lost in his journey. He is right that he started his journey but he has to find out what is right for him, what kind of environment and what kind of people DO resonate with him.

Love & Feelings: It isn’t the right time YET to start a new relationship. You are open to a new relationship but it isn’t the right match. You are ready for a new relationship but you like to go somewhere else to find a partner, for example another country.

The Fool upright and the 8 of wands upright

The 8 of wands is reinforcing the fool. This person is open and curious to the world like a child. He hast lots of trust and faith without any fear. These cards remind me of kids who are driving of a steep hill with their bike without any fear. And they will do it exactly right because they have faith. For other people it may look dangerous and foolish because of their bad experiences, but these cards shows someone who has faith. When you believe it and you act from it you will see it works for you and pretty fast as well!

Love & Feelings: Open to a new relationship and in a big hurry to act on it. Sending someone a love message with confidence, not knowing what to expect from it. Teenager love. playful, speed, action. Taking risks, without thinking about the consequences. High speed.

1 – The Magician

The Magician upright and The Fool upright

Natural born magician.He is someone who can turn everything he wants into gold. He is so enthusiastic about something he want to reach that it will work out naturally for him. A dreamer who make his dreams reality. Someone who doesn’t know how much his magic has an impact on others and their environment.

Love & Feelings: Someone who is irresistible because they are so open and probably sweet and cute. Wanting to make it happen. Being open to someones vision about how to manifest the desired outcome. Being open to magical happenings.

The Magician upright and The Chariot reversed

As a person this tarot card combination is about a person who is trying to help in a situation that is uncontrolled. For example a social worker who is very skilled in working with people with heavy emotional problems.

As a person this combination of cards shows that they are capable to stay in the relationship because they make the impossible possible. So this relationship is at the moment probably not the most easy relationship (if the relationship is represented by the chariot reversed) but they can’t leave until they see progress. They don’t see progress yet, so they stay.

As feelings the magician upright and the chariot reversed indicate that someone is capable of the job but that they do not have the discipline to make it happen.

Feelings of being out of control when you have manifest your desired outcome can also be represented by this combination.

Another option is that you feel someone is a master at something which makes you feel out of control or less worth than them.

The Magician upright and The Chariot upright

Taking a shortcut to your desired outcome. Having success, manifested all by yourself or in your own way.

Love & Feelings: Feelings of well deserved success.

The magician reversed and the chariot reversed

This card combination shows that the magician could reach much more if he wanted, but he doesn’t have the self-discipline. He has the skills and the power to reach whatever he wants but he doesn’t make any moves or progress. It could be a magician who suffers from procrastination.

It could also be a magician who is using his skills not in the right way or ethic way. This person is so driven that he might hurt someone on the way to his goal.

The Magician upright and the 5 of wands upright

Someone provocative who has the skills to let discussions arise and who makes people talk and think about subjects. Starting a sporty competition between people. Finding your way through a crowd. Making it happen that they will choose you out of the crowd.

Love & Feelings: Desire to win from your competitors or rivals.

The Magician upright and the Page of Pentacles 

Starting to manifest tangible objects. Learning how to manifest your desires. Student magician. Study of how to manifest things. Making money in a magic way.

Love & Feelings: Feelings of admiration for manifestors. Feelings of amazement how it can be that “this” happened.

2 – The High Priestess

The sun, the empress upright and the high priestess reversed

A fertile lady who isn’t aware that she is pregnant. She will be happy with the news. The high priestess reversed could indicate that this lovely surprise will be a baby girl (upside down in the woom). Sun bathing while shirking from work.

Love & Feelings: Feeling abundant, free and enjoying life but not listening to your intuition.

The high priestess upright and the magician upright

manifesting desired outcomes because of higher purpose. Knowing that what you like to manifest is the right thing to do. A secret manifestation. Keeping secrets about manifesting something you desire.

Love & Feelings: Secret desires that you like to manifest. Knowing that you are going to have what is best for you.

High priestess upright and the world upright

Knowing that a journey will complete is represented by this combination. It is the end of something (= the subject of your tarot reading). It is time to complete it and to start something new. Also a signin difficult periods that you feel you will make it.

In regard to and feelings this combinations shows that, subconsciously of intuitively, you know a chapter is over now.

3 – The Empress

The empress upright and the tower upright

This tarot card combination could indicate unexpected pregnancy.It could also indicate you get sudden insights that about how you was raised by your mother when you just became a mom yourself. This insight will change your whole perspective on being a mother. This combination could also indicate that you are experiencing a change of view on life that makes you feel abundant, which changes your whole life. Another option is sudden wealth that changes your life.

Love & Feelings: Feeling rich may feel different then you have expected. Feel shocked about a pregnancy.

The empress upright and the sun upright 

These tarot cards together tell about physical health and about happy and positive feelings. This combination could indicate pregnancy or talks about well-being.This is a warm combination of cards, a radiant combination. These cards a wide range of meanings (like most tarot card combinations). Depending on the context it could indicate from someone who is happy living at “moms place” and get well cared for but it could also indicate radiant growth of abundance. Masculine and feminine energies that complement each other. Enjoying what nature has to offer.

Love & Feelings: positive feelings about a beautiful woman.

The empress upright and the hierophant upright

A mom who is raising her kids exactly by the norms and values of society. An abundant life-coach who gives easily. Being ethical with spending your money and giving it to charity. Teaching people how they should manage their money. Taking care of people and raising them. Becoming a mother Teresa. Spending your money wisely. Taking care of other people’s health and well-being. Preaching biology teacher.

Love & Feelings: Someone who’s vision is that it should all be natural, for example someone who doesn’t like woman with makeup.

Empress upright, the High Priest upright and Lovers upright

This combination shows commitment and being ready for the next level in the relationship. So if you received these tarot card in your love reading there is a commitment. This combination could also be about being ready for marriage. As partners this combination shows that they have more or less the same norms and values so they probably came from the same country, culture, neighbourhood or they have a religion in common for example. It is a promising combination as a fundation for a love relationship. Ofcourse the outcome of it depends on yourself and the choices you make in life.

3 – The Emperor

The lovers, the emperor and the wheel of fortune upright

This tarot card combination is pretty strict and loyal to wait they promise you. It is not only about people being faithful but the Universe is helping a hand here as well. You could draw this combination for example when you are buying a house it is love on first sight and it fits exactly in your budget. It is like you was drawn to this house by the Universe. Not because of the material aspect and the house it self but because of what will happen after making the choice to spend here a longer period of your life stime here in this location. Or you are choosing the study, work, husband or wife that is right for you because you made the choice from your heart and you didn’t forget to use you mind as well.

As feelings this combination indicates that you feel this is exactly the right choice. It feels like this was meant to be.

The fool, the lovers and the emperor upright

If you feel like being open to new opportunities for the long-term, this tarot card combination could show up. You are open to new beginnings and to start your life all over. This combination is not so much about spontanious choices but more about a well thought and planned and organized new beginning that will last long. It could even be that you start to think about marriage.

Together with the wheel of fortune tarot card this tarot card combination could be about the decisions you take in life and if you are able to commit to your choices. This combination is asking you to follow your heart and to commit to your long term decisions in your life. If you do so, the Universe will be at your side and it will bring you good fortune on the long term.

For relationships this combination indicates flings, dates and one night stands are definitly not the subject here.

3 of pentacles, emperor and seven of swords upright

This combination is like wanting to sneak away with or from someone, like an organized escape. A bit like Bonnie and Clyde who are running from their responsabilities together or like being a hostage who wants to escape. So if these are the feeling from someone towards you, you might need to think twice, depending on your situation. I do spot some false pride in this combination and a sense of hoping to get away with it.

Another intrepetation could be that you need to work together with the government or an authority. You might need to show them what you are capable of through a letter for example.

Death reversed and the emperor reversed

There is a stagnation when this combination shows up as your relationship outcome. There is a need for change but you are both not ready yet. It is like you are both fighting for things change to happen while it is there already. This could be an ex that is still on your mind for example or you relationship that is changing. If there is an ex on your mind it could be that you need to let go of them before continuing with another relationship.

This combination shows it will be better to let the change happen and to prepare for it and organize what you can to make it as smooth as possible because fighting against it will be useless.

Hermit upright, emperor upright and the lovers upright

This combination is very strict, commited and isolated. It could be about a non who is following the rules or someone who is very strict. If the flashing light on the street are red you stop and when it is green you walk, rules are rules etc. etc. Maybe you feel somekind of need to join a community with certain kind of rules.

In regard to love and relationship this is a relationship with a lot of rules and maybe this is even a couple who lives at an island with a few people in a community. It also reminds me of religious community’s. Somekind community you have to swear you stay or to baptize and not to connect with other people who are from a different community or different world.

It could also be that something like that is on your mind to try to find out different lifestyles for example.

5- Hierophant

The hierophant upright, the sun upright and the star upright

This combination could come from a happy friendship where you are both having the same thoughts on subjects and probably the same interests. This makes that you are having a great time together. It is like you souls have the same purpose. This friendship or relationship feels healing like there is still hope that there are people walking around on this earth who are having the same kind of vision or mindset.

Moon upright the world upright and hierophant upright

This combination is like staying in an unrealistic world which is accepted by society. There are a lot of things that we accept as normal in our society which are totally not and make us feel distant from who we really are.

6 – The Lovers

The lovers upright and the wheel of fortune upright

Shifting to long-term commitments. Ready to grow up. committing to something or someone that is meant to be. A fortunate commitment. Something or someone who shows up regularly, maybe even your whole life that brings you bouts of happiness and feelings of luck.


8 – Strength

Strength upright, 10 of pentacles upright and knight of swords upright

As a situation this is a cool headed kind of situation. From the inside the people in this situation are burning with passion but from the outside it seem that they are cool like it is easy to handle, nothing is going on, everything is ok. As a relationship card this is a situation where there is still a passionate attraction towards each other. This relationship is stable but they like to provoke/challenge each other now and then and that makes the relationship passionate for them. Like they keep each other awake by asking each other critical questions for example. This is an evenly matched couple.

For an ex boyfriend or girlfriend this combination is about provoking/challenging each other.

Strength and the World reversed

If you like to know the status of your relationship and you pull the strength card, the relationship is based on passion and respect at the same time. If you pulled the world reversed as clarification card you are almost done with asking yourself questions about this subject because you start to understand that this isn’t that important to ask.

As feelings strength and the world reversed indicate you feel like you are ready to take on the world, there are just a few things that need to be done to get there.

9 – The Hermit

The 8 of swords upright clarified by the 7 of swords reversed and the hermit upright

The 8 of swords: “I can’t see how this works!”

The 7 of swords reversed and the hermit upright: “Yes you do know, take a look within and you will find out that you have put it somewhere in the back of your mind. You do know it but you just have forgotten how to do it”.

The Hermit, the Star and Judgement upright

When you are already searching for a while for answers on what to do or how to continue (in regard to your question of the tarot reading), this combination shows that you find a solution to an inner quest. These cards are promising in regard to healing from past issues and getting more clarity on your life in general like: “why you are doing what you do”. So if your question is about a repeating pattern in your life there will be more calrity on why this always happens in this kind of way. So for example if you are always meet a guy who is cheating on you, or if you are “always” having a lack of money you will get more clarity on the roots of this issue and on how to break through these patterns.


10 -The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of fortune upright clarified by the ace of swords upright

Changing life by shifting to the next gear caused by a brilliant idea. Mental clarity is moving your life to the next gear. A new project speeds up your life in order to create new ideas and opportunities. New point of view and perspectives. Bouts of conversations that makes something clear and creates new opportunities. Different points of view makes the whole picture clear.

The Wheel of fortune upright and Strength upright

By your own power and the power of the Universe there can be accomplished more than you might think. In a time when the wheel of fortune and the strength tarot card shows up it is time for getting over difficult past issues and to move on. So even though you might experience this is a difficult time, there is already help on its way. It is like you are going to bundle you power with the power of the Universe by having trust and inner wisdom that everything will be alright.

The Wheel of Fortune upright, 2 of pentacles upright and Justice upright

If you wonder where your relationship is heading and this combination shows up it is most likely you are meant to be togethe in this moment of time. The wheel of fortune and the justice tarot card show that there is a bigger plan for this relationship coming up. You might feel not like this but the cards show that whatever the Universe is up to, it will be better for both of you. There is not much control over the situation but the advice is to be flexible.

In regard to work, career and finances this could be a time that you get what you deserve and you are the only one who is doubting. You will get what is meant to be for you.

11 – Justice

Three of cups, Justice reversed, nine of cups

When this tarot card combination shows up for you in your love and relationship reading, you probably feel like you prefer staying friends with this person instead of having a relationship with them. This relationship might feel like it is not meant to be like a love relationship but more like a friendship.

If the 4 of pentacles reversed whos up with this tarot card combination, one of you partners will about up about this situation.

This combination doesn’t indicate that you won’t see each other anymore, you probably stay friends and you are both more happy with staying friends ten having alove relationship.

In regard to work and career this combination shows that you are working at a place where you are having a good time, but the kind of work is probably not something you will do for a long time.

12 – The Hanged Man

The Hanged man reversedThe Magician Reversed and the Ace of Swords upright

Living in an environment where you can’t rely on people. You are too focused on what your environment is saying how to do it and what to do. Your opinion is based on THEIR opinion. These people pretend like they know but it is just an illusion. They only tell you how it is to manipulate you because it is in their profit. In their perspective this is right. So they do not tell the truth, they lie to you (for selfish reasons). But in fact, you are doing the same to yourself. You are lying to yourself by taking their approach as the truth, because you already know what is the truth. Find your own truth back. Do not right the wrong. These cards tell you that there will be an opportunity for you to come to a conclusion and to cut the fog through mental clarity.

The hanged man upright and the 6 of swords upright

Moving forward which might feel as a sacrifice. At the moment it feels like there is is no other option then to explore this new direction. It is a journey where you are more an observant then having an active role.

13 – Death

Ace of wands upright and death upright

In general this combination is about spontanious transformations. As a person this combination is about someone who is bringing change for the better. If there was a lack of enthusiasm for example on the workfloor, this person brings in high energy because they bring back the spark that everyone needs. This causes a change for the whole project in a positive way.

Death, fool and 3 of cups upright

Change is coming and it will be positive. What you might need is having some friends around you to talk with when this combinations shows up. There is a need for positivity and so telling your friends how you feel so you can share your story could help you open up.

As feelings from someone towards you this combination is about a change for the better. After a period of keeping quiet or being lonely there is room for frank conversations.

Death, queen of cups and ace of cups upright

As feelings towards you from someone this tarot card combination represent very deep emotional feelings. The way they see you at the moment is different from how they saw you before. Maybe you have been friends for a while. It could also be that this person sees you as a highly intuitive and creative person. They feel like you understand them and they love it.

If this is about your relationship or an ex partner these are very emotional cards and there are many feelings and emotions involved here. It could also be that they see you as a very emotional person who might need to express their feelings through art. In any case if you are asking yourself if someone has feelings for you and these cards show up it is very remarkable because these cards only show emotions. If so, you need to use your intuition more in this situation.

It could also be that this person feel overwhelmed (by his own emotions or by your emotional expression).

Page of cups, 2 of pentacles, 10 of pentacles, and death

This combination shows a good contact between you and your lover or friend. You are both checking if this is the situation you like to be in and so there is a need for change. If you are doing a reading about if your ex will return or about a reconciliation, this combination shows that you are both having a good friendship already with mutual understanding. You might broke up for reasons that are not very significant and so the death card indicates that things will change. It is more likely that you will come back together because there is simply not an indication here that there will be happening something you won’t like but there are signs that you are both weigthing your options and trying to find out what will be best.

If you are together with someone, this combination shows that you are being good for eachother and at the same time you are playing with new ideas about what is more possible in this relationship. There is a need for change or a new level in this relationship.

6 of wands, death reversed, 4 of swords reversed

There is success and victory in this combination but this is probably difficult for you to accept. The recognition is only stressing you out. This is because the death card in reverse shows that we need to accept the change that comes with the success.

Death reversed and 6 of pentacles upright

Someone is about to share something with you that makes it easier for you to accept changes that are coming up. For example when a friend is telling you the truth about someone which makes it easier for you to let go of everything that isn’t anymore. This combination feels like a midwife that is helping a baby on this world or a supporter that tells you that you can do it.

15 – Devil

The Hermit upright and the Devil

Being afraid of facing your own fears could be an indication of this card combination. It could also be that when you think about a subject too much and being too much in your own world it will end up in the need to face your fears about that subject. This combination is like watching yourself in the mirror to find out what is your biggest fear. This combination is like a reflection of how we see the world around us. It is like they say: “Ah, so you see it that way? You are right, here it is.” It is all about your own truth and inner fears and wisdom.

In regard to friendships and relationships these two cards indicate that you work as a mirror to each other, which can be experienced as a confrontation with your inner self. So both parties are reflecting and maybe projecting on each other because they look like each other and they are sometimes confused who is who.

Both of these cards are connected to the element earth which is about life on earth, work, money, practical approaches, materialism and family.

16 – Tower

Tower, devil and hanged man upright

The tower shows in this tarot card combination that you didn’t feel it coming and so you don’t know what to do with it (just fill in your situation). So if these are the feelings from someone towards you, they feel overwhelmed by the situation. For example if the situation is that you expressed your feelings towards him, they didn’t expect this at all and now they don’t know what to do. This combination shows that this person might be in a (for them) important part of their life and it does not have anything to do with you.

Tower, knight of cups, judgement upright

Dreams can come true and if we did not prepare for it, it might come like a shock. This tarot card combination shows that it is important to stay true to yourself and what you like to get out of life. What feels like your life purpose? It could be that this question in coming on your path or that you need to find out what is important for you in life and what you like to get out of your life.

Another possibility is that your dreams needs to be more achievable or realistic. The tower shows that everything that isn’t realistic and doesn’t serve you anymore will be destroyed for the better. The tower is helping you to move faster in the direction you that leads you to your life purpose or true calling. When the empress is close by you will feel abundant by making this choice. A beautiful transformational card combination.

Empress upright, knight of pentacles upright, tower upright

All the hard work isn’t for nothing. If you wonder what will happen next when this combination shows up, your hard work will pay off. Especially if the star tarot card shows up in this combination you will probably experience something you did not expect in a positive way. Jus keep doing what you do.

In regard to love and relationships your partner will be very happy for what you have done last time. They might make you feel like a star which is pretty unusual or unexpected to you.

18 – The Moon

8 of wands, the moon and ace of swords

For love relationships developments went very fast or developments will go fast when this tarot card combination shows up. If there is some unclarity or hidden aspects in the relationships but they will soon be clear to you. Secrets and mysteries are not being kept for a long time when the 8 of wands is showing up together with the ace of swords. It could also be that you are the one who is just not into this mystery in this relationshhip and you like to get things clear as soon as possible, and it will. Even sooner than you expect. The challenge with this combination is that the light of the moon is not as sharp as the sun, and by this kind of light you might have the feeling you see it but it might be an illusion. So don’t jump to conclusions, the situation will evolve soon. Use your intuition in this period of time.

If these cards show up for someones feelings towards you it is more likely that there is love in the air. In any case it won’t take long before you will find out and it will clear the air for you.

8 of wands, empress, moon upright

If you like to know when you will find a love partner, ironically the answer is: very soon. And this might also be emotional overwhelming. The 8 of wands show fast developments. The other cards show that you will be reacting emotionally in this relationship or when you meet each other. The moon card shows that this is very natural reaction in regard to the situation you are in. Things are going too fast. There is a lot possible here and there is a lot of potential for growth but there i also a need for more patience so the relationship can be build slow and steady so you both have a better foundation.

Moon reversed, hierophant reversed and the world upright

If you are not sure what to do next in your life or when you are at crossroads, this combination shows that these feelings of not knowing what to do will fade away. You might come to the conclusion that you didn’t want to see it before what to do next because it is maybe something that other people won’t like or your family members have an opinion about it. In any case, there is a level of acceptence needed and you are becoming ready for doing so.

Also in regard to feelings this tarot card combination is about accepting your needs and feelings for what they are. This doesn’t indicate yet to take action on it but the need for acceptance is present.

19 – Sun

Sun, empress and star upright

When you draw this combination all upright without a question it could  indicate that after a difficult period you are shining again. Like a diva who is back on the red carpet after a hard period. It is a time to enjoy and to be conscious of what you have reached. This combination could also be about rejuvenation and physical healing.

As feelings this tarot card combination indicates feeling alive again when you are with this person.

The sun, the lovers and the knight of cups upright

A romantic combination in regard to love and relationship. You have someone in mind or someone has you in mind and you propbably don’t know that from each other yet. It is like you are both fantasizing about each other without knowing it from each other. A very happy combination and it is definitly worth it to try making a conversation with this person.

As feelings this tarot card combination is happy and idealistic. There is nothing that can hold this person back from becoming happy from their dreams. These dreams could lead to action because the lovers tarot card shows that it isn’t only a dream but it becomes a serious choice.

In regard to job and career you need to hold on and keep on dreaming because these card show that it will lead you to positive events.

King of pentacles upright, queen of wands upright and the sun upright

In regard to job and career this is an ambitious combination. It could be that if you have a business you will be energetically get your targets which creates a new level in your business. It could also be somekind of cooperation. One of you gets the attention/marketing promotion and the other gets the money kind of thing.

In regard to career you might help someone a hand to get promotion or to get what you want. There is a goal in mind what you feel you need to get.

20 – Judgement

Ace of wands, Wheel of Fortune and Judgement upright

In this card combination there are chances coming up. So depending on your question, there are chances for making your life better in a way that this life will resonate with you better. If it is a job or lover this job or person will resonate with the things you like to experience in your life.

If you are searching for the right can of job or relationship these cards show that the Universe does have a plan for you in mind that will feel like “the right thing” for you. You do need to be open to see your chances and act on it. This combination is a very action oriented combination.

These chances could be literly offered to you as an invite or you need to continue the path you follow. In any case the cards tell you are on the right path and to keep going.

Judgement upright and knight of cups upright

As a relationship outcome this card is pretty romantic and means that you are both with you head in the clouds. This could be an ex or someone you know for a longer time. If not it could be that you feel like you belong together for a longer period of time.

In regard to business and career you found the job you love and feels like your life purpose, something you dreamt of all along. There is a right balance in how much you love your job and the skills you have.

21 – The World

The world upright and the hierophant upright:

A world-famous life-coach who give people personal advice on life (like Tony Robbins).

Traditional and accepted norms and values of society and the world —> human behaviour.

The world upright, the sun upright and the empress upright

Depending on the position of these tarot cards in a tarot spread, in general this combination of tarot cards is about a completion in a holistic way. As well as in body as mind and spirit there is a reaction of completion to the situation you drawed these cards for. These tarot cards indicate that you are about to enter a new phase and new level of consciousness about yourself and the world around you. This influences your intentions and your approach to the subject of your tarot reading. You will take the actions that will be best for “everyone”.

World upright, Hermit upright and Hanged man reversed

Something that you have been working on for a long time has come finally to and end and is now completed. The outcome of this completion is that you are in the process of a (spiritual) research on yourself.

It could also indicate that the subject in your life is at the moment that you need to find out how to complete that part in your life (=the reason why you did a reading). This will be a process where you will be guided and you need to withdraw and surrender yourself. For example you could be travelling around the world because you like to find answers to your questions. It could also that you are doing a research within yourself for a longer period of time.

For relationships reading this is a combination that is more focused on yourself then on your partner because you need to find out for yourself how to move on in your life. The relationship is here on the background because you feel it isn’t possible to interact at the moment with your partner before you find out how things are with yourself. An inner search.

Court cards Tarot Card combinations:

The 2 of wands upright and the knight of cups upright

Both cards are passionate. Depending on the question you have asked the tarot cards, this tarot card combination is action oriented driven by emotions. This tarot card combination can indicate finding a direction on how to spend you energy on making your dreams and emotional desires come true. Some options on how to invest your energy are already presented but now it is time to choose. How can you develop your dream or desire. It is just the start of a process.


Queen of cups upright, death upright and the empress upright:

This combination is about sensing that changes are coming up. These kind of changes will be permanent because they promise something better. In regard to love and relationships this could indicate that someone you like is becoming more than a friend. The change is that you can’t see him or her anymore as a normal friend. The queen of cups could indicate that you are getting feelings for this person.

Queen of cups reversed and the page of cups upright

The queen of cups reversed feels emotionally blocked which can result in a blocked intuition. When the queen of cups reversed shows up for yourself you probably find it hard to find out how someone feels about you. If you are doing a tarot reading for yourself you might it hard to figure out how you feel about the situation. You need feel again ans use your senses to find out what is going on. Both cards indicate kindness. There could also be a creative block when the queen of cups reversed shows up. In anycase you need to go back to what you felt in the first place about the subject of your tarot reading.

It could also be that someone is being kind to you and you don’t see it. As feelings this combination is about being shy or about being naive.

Queen of Cups upright, Queen of Pentacles upright and 6 of wands upright

Asa relationship outcome this means that you will be seen for who you are and that you love the one you are with. You are very caring towards this person and they see what you are doing for them. It is a combination that shows appreciation for eachother. You will be caring and loving towards each other. As well in regard to feelings and emotion needs as in regard to financial security and safety. You care for each other well and you both appreciate it and that you like to show this to eachother.

Queen of wands upright, seven of cups reversed and the empress upright

This combination could indicate that you are realizing what you like to be, who you like to become or how people see you. For example a teenage girl who is realizing that she is becoming a woman and what kind of impact that has on the way people see her now.  It could also indicate that this person is realizing how to get what she wants with “charm”. In any case this is someone who is after something she or he really wants and it is probably about appearances or the way people see her/him.

You could also be realizing what the power is of being a woman.

In a relationship it could be that you like to be seen with this person. Or this person makes you feel pretty.

Another example could be a man who is realizing that he has feminine characteristics or likes to experiment with feminine appearances like transsexuals or crossdressers do.

This combination does have the feeling like walking on a red carpet being proud to be a woman or maybe feeling like a diva. It could also be the feeling after having a make-over that you realize that you are have sex-appeal or that you are pretty and you like to show it to people.

 Knight of swords, ace of swords and the empress upright

When this tarot card combination shows up in upright position for someones feelings towards you, it could indicate that this person tries to make his point clear to you because he feels like getting his ideas across. For example you might be insecure on your extra pounds but he likes to make clear that you are a beautiful lady. These are not flirty feelings from their side but more feelings to wake you up in regard to the subject of your tarot reading. This subject is something you might be blind for and this person tries to wake you up about it. Another example could be that you lack self-awareness about your qualities and this person is trying to point on the fact that you have all what is needed. The feelings of these person are not romantic but they have a strong idealistic feeling for you at the moment.

Knight of swords upright, four of cups upright and three of cups upright

As a mindset this tarot card combination is about someone that is being stubborn or can’t be bothered listening to you or you are the one who isn’t paying attention to what your partner or friend is trying to tell you. This is a situation that probably happens to you more often and also with other friends and family. What makes it difficult for you to not their opinion be important as well? One of you is making the other person feel like their opinion isn’t important. Almost every human being likes to be understood.

In regard to work and career it might be time show what you are capable of. Also feelings of procrastination because you have a good time already can be represented by this combination of cards. This combination is like your mom is saying: “but honey, you need to do your homework now” at the moment when you have such fun with your friends.

King of pentacles and the ace of cups upright

The king of pentacles together with the ace of cups is a tarot combination of feeling safe and comfortable. This tarot pair could show up for a new friend or a potential boyfriend. This is someone who finds love and respect important. They love to share everything with their partner.

As a person this tarot pair could indicate someone who has strong emotions when it comes to money or they just love doing business or they start a new business. It could also be that their financial situation is strongly connected with their private situation. Like for example an entrepeneur with a small business / freelancer, who don’t have a company to rely on in regard to money. When the business is bankrupt they will be bankrupt, so that is why there are strong emotions attached for them to things as money, safety and security.

king of swords reversed, moon upright and 10 of wands reversed

The lack of clarity in this situation is probably very undesirable for you when this combinations shows up. Getting clarity is here the most important before jumping to conclusions or making any decisions. There is something in the air that you just don’t know about and so it isn’t the right time for making anny conclusion. You need to remember that this information you need will come to you at the right time. It is just not the right time yet for taking any action.

As feelings from someone towards you this card combination shows that you might have got the wrong information about this person where you are relying on at the moment. This makes that your vision about them isn’t clear and so it is difficult to find out what they feel for you. The cards do show that the feelings of these person are hidden. This could be because they have mixed feelings for you or they don’t want to express them. From both sides there is a sense of fear in regard to feelings and so clarity is here more important because it will release this fear.

Page of wands and ace of cups upright

For singles this tarot pair is about exploring new ways to find potential partners and to make new friends. So maybe you are trying out a new dating site or an dating app or you like to try speeddating.

As feelings from someone towards you this tarot card combination shows that you they like to know more about you. They see you as a potential love interest or very good friend and they are curious knowing more about you.

This tarot pair could also simply be an invite from someone if you like to go out with them. It most likely it is an innocent “having fun” invite.

page of cups, page of pentacles and 9 of pentacles upright 

This is a friendly tarot card combination for someones feelings towards you. It does indicate an innocent approach and also that they have a good life on their own. They do find you kind and interesting but they like having their own time at the moment. It could also indicate that they are interested in you and that they are single. No deep emotions or sparks of passion, just a friendly approach and open to get to know you.

Ace of cups and the queen of wands upright

The ace of cups shows a very emotional period which the queen of wands likes to direct in a way. This cheerful queen might be in love but she isn’t letting all the love in like the queen of cups because the queen of wands needs a purpose or a direction. This combination with a water and a fire element makes feelings of love a passionate event. It could also be that the queen of wands found someone who shares the same passions as she does.

If you like to know if your ex is will return or if there will be a reconciliation, this combination shows that you might need to hold back to first see if the other person is also able to make an effort for you. Because the queen of wands is always there when someone needs help but do they also help you when you need help is here the question. Acting out of emotions could be something to avoid.

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Combinations

Ace of pentacles and 8 of wands upright

Opportunities are coming to you fast when this combination shows up. It is like someone is throwing a piece of gold and you need to be fast to catch it, but if you do, the opportunity will last long (the gold won’t loose it’s worth).

So if you are waiting for a job opportunity this is a great combination but you need to be alert and keep your eyes open because it will be very fast passing by. It could be that someone is offering you a job but you have a few hours to apply or it might be through a spontanious conversation when you are travelling.

If you are single this combination could indicate that someone passes by who might be the right person for you but he or she is on his way to the airport to go home.

For relationships this combination shows that there will be a new stage coming up fast in this relationship. It could be that you decide to have kids or marry for example.

Seven of swords reversed five of swords reversed and seven of pentacles reversed

You might be waiting on someones apology for what they did or you are waiting for money that you leant out to someone. The cards show that they probably will even though it isn’t the easiest situation to be in. It could also be that you need to apologies and that you are waiting for the right moment to make things right, but this depends on your situation.

In regard to love and relationship readings this combination shows a lot of mind activity and there is not much room for expressions in regard to love because the situation is at the moment not much romantic.

In regards to work and career you might be waiting on your money after a discussion with your employer for example.

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