The Major Arcana Tarot Cards – upright and reversed

The Major Arcana tarot cards – upright and reversed


Major Arcana Tarot Decks

The Major Arcana tarot cards explain subjects in your life that are important issues for you and will mainly take a longer period. Not only they take a longer time to learn but they show also that the subject of the card is a major theme in your life at this moment. The major arcana tarot cards symbolizes motivations why we are doing what we are doing. They symbolize important lessons in the life of the querent. The Hanged man for example shows you that it is time to learn to surrender.

The Major arcana tarot cards are seen as “life’s significant issues”. The higher the number on the Major Arcana tarot card the more important the subject is to the querent at this moment. The last card; “The World” has the highest number of the Major Arcana tarot cards and indicates that a circle has ended and a lesson or journey has ended. It indicates a new journey and package of life lessons. The words “major arcana” means “big secret” in Latin language.

Major Arcana tarot cards with personalities on it like the Emperor, The Empress, The Hierophant and The High Priestess, are sometimes showing aspects of someones character and their role in life. The Empress for example can show the feminine side of the querent and the Emperor can stand for a father figure. The High Priestess and the Hierophant can tell something about spiritual aspects and important values for the querent.

0 – The Fool
1 – The Magician
2 – The High Priestess
3 – The Empress
4 – The Emperor
5 – The Hierophant
6 – The Lovers
7 – The Chariot
8 – Strength
9 – The Hermit
10 – The Wheel of Fortune
11 – Justice
12 – The Hanged Man
13 – Death
14 – Temperance
15 – The Devil
16 – The Tower
17 – The Star
18 – The Moon
19 – The Sun
20 – Judgment
21 – The World


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