The Devil Tarot Card Meanings – Cernunnos – Major Arcana

Devil tarot card meaning upright and reversed

15 – The Devil Tarot Card Meanings – Cernunnos – Upright



The Devil tarot card upright is all about our own fears, anxiety and being afraid to face them. If you admit that it is not something outside of you that is creating these fears you can take responsibility for it.

Some people give their power easily away by thinking that bad things are happening in their life by outside forces. By doing this you are caging yourself. The Devil tarot card also makes you aware of the fact that when you believe that someone else can take your power away you could create co-dependency.

There is a lot of raw nature energy in the Devil tarot card which represent instinctive feelings and sexual desires. Your pet can also be represented in a tarot reading by this tarot card.

Sometimes when we think we are in need of something or someone, this tarot card shows up. This feeling of need can be an addiction to something or maybe even a person.

In this tarot card number 15 can be reduced to 1 + 5 = 6. After the turbulent number 5 the number 6 finds balance again. With the knowledge we experienced during the conflict the number 6 is creating a new kind of balance and harmony. openness and honesty are important. The Devil card indicates holding on too much to things that aren’t for your highest good. The number 5 indicates conflict. Read more about tarot & numerology.

  • irrational fears and fantasies
  • feeding your fears
  • addiction
  • being dependent on someone or something
  • a co-dependent relationship
  • fears and afraid to face your own fears
  • dealing with your dark side
  • lust
  • bondage
  • sexual desire and physical pleasure without love
  • being trapped by your own traps
  • creating your own demons
  • obsessive and possessive behaviour


15 – The Devil Tarot Card Meanings – Cernunnos – Reversed


Reversed the Devil tarot card is still about your own demons and fears but now they are getting released or you become more aware of your behaviour so you can take responsibility for them.

If you are plagued by certain fears, these fear is fading away when the Devil appears reversed in your reading.

When reversed the Devil tarot card can indicate that you are becoming more conscious of shadow sides so you can do something about it. It is good to take responsibility for your life now.

  • being able to identify your fears
  • becoming aware of your fears
  • being able to face your fears
  • overcoming fears
  • overcoming your own traps
  • letting go of past obstacles
  • moving to liberation
  • a good time for changing bad habits


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