Strength Tarot Meanings – upright and reversed – Major Arcana

Strength tarot card meaning upright and reversed

8 – Strength Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



While the Chariot tarot card is about controlling outside circumstances, the strength tarot card is about taking control of your inner-self in the form of patience, compassion and courage. A lion is normally stronger than a human being. Still we see on the image of the tarot card that the woman has the lion under her control. Her inner strength tames and controls the lion.

The Strength tarot card is about overcoming inner obstacles by using your inner strength. It is only possible to use your inner strength when you have certain qualities like patience, self-discipline and self-knowledge.

Number 8 is a powerful number and has the shape of a lemniscate which symbolizes infinity. Number 8 is about success, expansion and opportunities by balancing our need and priorities.

When there a lot of 8 cards in your tarot reading the cause of your actions are now being materialized. The number 8 is about cause and effect and about responsibilities. Read more about tarot & numerology.

  • being patient and accepting others for who they are
  • being compassionate, forgiving and tolerant
  • courage
  • passionate relationship or feelings
  • a loyal friend
  • taming inner fire
  • physical attraction
  • being persuasive

8 – Strength Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


While the Strength tarot card is present in your reading, there is no reason for having self doubts. Even when the Strength tarot card shows up in a reversed position it is more a question of getting yourself together, because you have what you need to overcome this istuation. Get your self-confidence back and follow your instinct. Find your inner strength.

Further advice for this card are; get to know yourself better and accept yourself for who you are.

  • betraying yourself
  • losing self-control or afraid to lose self-control
  • inner conflict
  • feeling weak and funerable
  • getting easily upset
  • instinctive
  • lust is dominating, or afraid that lust is going to dominate
  • this card reversed can show a person with a domineering attitude



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