The Fool Tarot Meanings – upright and reversed – Major Arcana

The Fool tarot card meanin upright and reversed


0 – The Fool Tarot Card Meanings – Upright



The Major Arcana symbolizes the journey of the Fool and starts and ends with zero. The Fool tarot card is the first card of the deck. This tarot card symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts and seeing new possibilities with open heartedness to new projects. When you are feeling butterflies in your stomach because you are so excited about your new goals, this can be that you are in the Fools state of mind. Nothing is planned and things are going spontaneously. The Fool doesn’t know what fear is and trusts on his faith.The Fool tarot card indicates an open view of the world.

  • spontaneity
  • starting something new
  • new start / beginning / phase / restart
  • having trust in what is coming
  • fearlessness, open-heartedness
  • going on a journey
  • innocence and pureness
  • having an open view
  • acting on impulses
  • “Just go for it and see what happens”
  • no worries (don’t worry be happy)


0 – The Fool Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


When reversed the Fool still wants to start his journey but it is possible that he is not ready for it yet. Reversed this tarot card is still about beginnings. In this position it is better to be carefull and not taking any risks. It is good to stay realistic and try to get more information about the situation. When the ace of pentacles is reversed nearby you have to take good care of your finances and it is important to make good planning.
The fool reversed can also tell you that you are having fear for a start of a project. It is good to stay open-hearted and give it a go, but keep your eyes open

  • warning of recklessness/carelessness
  • stay realistic and get more background information
  • consider the situation
  • having fear of what is coming up
  • stay open hearted
  • a good time for taking responsabilities
  • are you heading the right direction in jour journey?


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