The Lovers Tarot Meanings – Major Arcana

6 – The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


The Lovers tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The previous name for the Lovers tarot card is the Choice. On this older tarot card we see a man who has to make a choice between two women. The man on the card has grown up and have to make a decision that is very important now he is an adult. He has to make a decision to stay with the first woman figure on the card (who can represent his mother) or the other woman (who can be his partner). So the lovers card can indicate an important decision to make for life.

Actually this isn’t telling all about the lovers card. The Lovers is about a choice that must be made with our heart. The Lovers tarot cards shows balance and harmony between heart and head. Number 6 symbolizes unconditional love and harmony.

The lovers card is not about a fling, it tells about strong feelings. A relationship can be strong, fulfilling and long-lasting when the lovers card shows upright in a reading. Two different aspects are coming together (heart and mind, male and female). These can be very different from each other but they feel very comfortable with each other. In a romance reading the lovers card can indicate a union or soul-connection.

After the turbulent number 5 the number 6 finds balance again. With the knowledge we experienced during the conflict the number 6 is creating a new kind of balance and harmony. openness and honesty are important. Read more about tarot & numerology.

  • surrender
  • expressing your true feelings
  • choice
  • decisions
  • harmony and balance between heart and head, self-acceptance
  • unconditional choices by the heart
  • ready to commitment
  • union

6 – The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


While the lovers tarot card is still about making a choice from the heart, the querent is ignoring the message of his heart and disturbs the connection and the harmony. The lovers tarot card reversed tells that the querent is not ready to commit or likes to be single.

When reversed the lovers tarot card shows that the querent has to work on balance between heart and head to make the right decisions.

Another way to see the Lovers tarot card reversed is that the querent can be too indecisive relating to the subject. It is important to maintain clear communication and to express your true feelings. Do not get influenced by what other people say but create harmony by listening to your heart.

It can be that a person is not ready to commit because he is still in a relationship depending on the reading and the cards around.

  • thoughts aren’t in line with what you feel
  • inner conflict
  • feelings are based on physical attraction
  • not ready (yet) to commit
  • wrong decision
  • choices aren’t made by the heart
  • conditional love


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