The Tower Tarot Meanings – upright and reversed – Major Arcana

Tower tarot card meaning upright and reversed

16 – The Tower Tarot Card Meanings– Upright


The Tower tarot card is about a sudden change, something you didn’t expect. It can be a positive or negative message but you didn’t see it coming. This card can also indicate that hidden information is coming in a unexpected way to the surface.

The tower isn’t neccesarily a negative card as many tarot readers interpret it. For example when the querent feels stuck, the tower is a welcome card in a reading because it indicates that there will be a sudden insight that will help to break through crusted patterns and behaviors of the querent.

The reason why the tower is for some people scary is because it indicates change. Many people do not like change and the tower indicates an unexpected and sudden events that can completly change your point of view or even your life.

The tower is about truth and creates change for the better. Even when it can be a shock to hear the truth, it can feel like the puzzle is finally complete.

In the Tower tarot card the number 16 can be reduced to 1 + 6 = 7. Number 7 is a number of strategies. The number 7 is a mysterious number in a lot of cultures. The number 1 is about beginnings, the potential and new ideas and projects. With the knowledge we experienced during the conflict the number 6 is creating a new kind of balance and harmony. Read more about tarot & numerology.

  • spontanious insights
  • abrupt outbursts
  • sudden change
  • breaking the walls down (it can be an awakening to experience, especially when the judgement card is nearby)
  • distruction to create change for the better
  • breakthroughs
  • unexpected situations
  • vomiting, ejaculation, fireworks
  • breaking down illusions (getting out of your own traps)
  • surrender!

16 – The Tower Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Reversed the Tower tarot card is still a card about change but it can mean that there are problems that doesn’t have directly to do with you or it wouldn’t affect you, depending on the cards around.

The Tower card reversed can show up for someone who has troubles at this moment in life in the form of bad new about their health, the loss of a job or maybe both.

When showing up for a persons character, the Tower card reversed can be someone who has bin through a lot in life.

The Tower tarot card reversed can indicate that you have to just leave things as they are, at the moment it is not time to take action. Some information is hidden but wants to reveal.

For relationships it could be that you and your partner are avoiding some issues.

  • a start or glimp of walls that are breaking down
  • “People hate the truth but, luckily truth doesn’t care”
  • someone wants to tell you the truth but at the moment this is hidden
  • getting bad news about someone else
  • symbolizing an illness
  • something hidden under the skin; nervousness tension, anxiety, inner crisis
  • avoiding what is going to happen
  • find the strength to face the truth
  • a warning that the tower upright is nearby
  • upheaval


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