10 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ten of chalices – upright and reversed

10 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ten of chalices – upright


10 of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The 10 of cups tarot card upright is a very happy card. It is all about “living happily after”. When receiving this card there is no need to worry. Things will work out.

In a relationship there is mutual love. This is a period to be grateful for what you have.

  • share your love
  • happy end
  • relieve
  • marriage, wedding
  • feeling like the puzzle is complete
  • peace, love, happiness
  • feeling grateful
  • happy family, happy relationship
  • the personal values that makes you happy

10 of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ten of chalices – reversed


When reversed the 10 of cups tarot card is not as happy as it looks like from the outside. People are faking happiness.

This love relationship is not realistic and both partners are behaving like actors.

The 10 of cups has to do with love in general so reversed it can indicate a broken love relationship and disharmony in a relationship. This relationship could have been a warm and joyful relationship but one or both partners created disruption in the harmony of it. It could also be that other family members are having influence on this situation.

For feelings the 10 of cups can indicate hurt feelings and temporary setbacks. The harmony can be restored but there is some work to do.

Reversed this tarot card can indicate that you like to have a harmonious relationship but you feel like it is out of reach for you at the moment.

  • spend more quality time with the ones you love
  • work on your self-esteem
  • know how you treat people with love and respect
  • not doing the things that make you happy
  • acting like you are happy when you are not
  • disharmony and arguments with family


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