Five 5 of Wands – five of rods – upright and reversed


Five 5 of Wands – five of rods – upright


5 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

Number 5 is the number of conflict. On the 5 of wands tarot card you see a group of people that are in conflict with each other. This conflict is not to hurt anyone or being mean but more like a competition.

The people can be symbolizing an inner conflict but it can also stand for people you are having an argument with in your life at the moment. The arguments are there to reach a goal together and to get over obstacles.

For feelings the 5 of wands could indicate inner conflict. Also feelings of competing could be the case when the 5 of wands appear in a tarot reading.

  • competition
  • inner conflict
  • practicing something
  • a friendly battle
  • getting over obstacles
  • challenge, difficulty
  • playing a competitive boardgame
  • pillowfight


Five 5 of Wands – five of rods – reversed


Cooperations is needed or there is a lack of cooperation when this card is reversed.

There can be frustrations when the 5 of wands is reversed that can be solved by a good conversation or a compromise.

This card is showing more people involved in the competition. This can symbolize people that are your rivals but can be also frustrations or obstacles. It can be that you have frustrations to get your goal.

In a love relationship it is important to find solutions together rather then wanting to be right when you are having arguments.

  • wanting to be the one who is “right”
  • being counteractive
  • searching for arguments
  • discussion
  • avoiding conflict
  • wait and see what happens
  • don’t let yourself get into it
  • having rivals, obstacles or frustrations


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