6 of wands Tarot Card Meanings – six of rods – upright and reversed


6 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – six of rods – upright


6 of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The six of wands tarot card upright indicates that the querent doesn’t let the situation for what is but he or she is making a comeback. This is a card of victory and self-confidence. The number six stands for the journey towards love, harmony and balance.

The querent wants to share that he has made a promotion. This can be in the form of a celebration for the querent or another way to share the achieved victory.

In a relationship the six of wands could indicate physical attraction from both sides or a comeback from an old flame.

For feelings the six of wands indicate feeling appreciated and feeling recognized. Also feeing of being a winner or feelings of victory are presented by the 6 of wands. This person is feeling succesfull and being seen.

  • being popular
  • a comeback, a return
  • winning a competition
  • getting over yourself
  • victory
  • putting your own needs on the first place
  • getting recognition
  • ego boosting
  • celebrating rewards of hard work

6 of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – six of rods – reversed


With the 6 of wands reversed it is less clear to the querent how to be successful at this time. It is possible that it will take some more time for the querent to achieve the goal he or she had in mind.

It can be that the querent regrets something that the querent first thought was a successful idea or thing to do. An advice of the 6 of wands reversed is that the querent still has time to decide what to do.

The lack of confidence is the main issue when the 6 of wands reversed appears. The 6 of wands isn’t about getting defeated, it is a tarot card about victory. The 6 of wands reversed tells you that it isn’t too late, but you need to have more confidence to fulfill the task.

Reversed the 6 of wands indicates feelings of not being seen by others. Lack of recognition could be the case. Being more present and show who you are could help in this situation. The advice is not to act different for who you really are.

When combined with the 5 of swords, the magician reversed or the king of wands reversed, the 6 of swords reversed could indicate someone who is not showing who he or she really is. Ofcourse this depents on the context of the reading and the question of the querent where the reading is based on. You might discover a completly different person when you get to know this person better.

  • lack of confidence
  • reconsideration
  • a different outcome then expected but it is still good
  • a different person then expected
  • victory without the celebration of it


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