Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ace of chalices – upright and reversed

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ace of chalices – upright


Ace of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The ace of cups tarot card is a very open, sharing and loving card. It is a very intens emotional card that can indicate new beginnings of relationships or a renewing of feelings in an existing love relationship. In relationships and love the ace of cups could indicates positive emotional upheavals.

The ace of cups as feelings is a very emotional and romantic tarot card. It can indicate a start of a new love relationship.

In an ace of cups period it it is likely that you are more open to love and willing to receive love. It could be that someone is sharing information about his love for you or an admirer will open up about his feelings for you.The querent is very open about feelings when the ace of cups tarot card shows up in a reading for them.

In an ace of cups period you are popular and you will attract new people to you.

The ace of cups in a reading together with the ace of pentacles shows that there is a great chance for more, since water and earth are a good foundation. This means that in a relationship reading these aces tell about a fruitfull fresh relationship. The desires of the couple complement eachother. There is space for growth and development in this relationship.

As advice the ace of cups tells that there are new chances in love when you are more open to it. At the moment you just don’t see the opportunities because you aren’t fully opento it yet, but this will change. The ace of cups upright is a very promising card.

  • trust and openness
  • intensity of your relationship
  • sharing and caring
  • a good time for making new friends
  • new love relationship
  • starting over in a existing relationship


Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – ace of chalices – reversed


When reversed the ace of cups tarot card indicates repressed feelings. It is possible that your self esteem is low because of past experiences and you need to work on them. Mostly when the ace of cups appears reversed your heart chakra is blocked.

A reversed ace of cups can indicate that you have the feelings of missing someone. It could be someone you know or just the fact that you do not have anyone to miss.

When you are living in an environment that is demanding and asking too much of you it is time for changing environment or ask for help.

  • boost your self esteem
  • boost your self confidence
  • missing someone
  • feeling depressed or sad
  • emotional confusion or expressing them too much; know how to deal with your emotions
  • feeling unhappy; find out what makes you happy
  • feeling stuck; unblock your emotions
  • open your heart chakra
  • emotional roller coaster
  • blocked feelings

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