Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of Rods – upright and reversed

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of Rods – Upright


Ace of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

The Ace of Wands tarot card is a card of potential, excitement and new energetic starts. It is a very dynamic card and can be also very physical. The Ace of Wands can be seen as a phallus symbol and can indicate that someone is physically attracted to someone (depending on the surrounding cards). For feelings the ace of wands indicates a passionate spark and attraction.

When the ace of wands tarot card shows up it means there is a big chance you will succeed in what you are doing. In the future position it can mean a new beginning in your career of getting a new job when you don’t have work at the moment.

The Ace of Wands is a big; “go for it!” sign. It is time to act now.

When in a tarot spread the Ace of Wands tarot card shows up in the past position it is about a bold move in the past, like a career switch.

When the Ace of Cups shows up in a relationship reading together with the Ace of Wands these two people can be a very good love match. These two aces complement each other. The ace of wands brings energy and passion into the relationship. The ace of cups brings emotional in-depth.

The number 1 is about beginnings, the potential and new ideas and projects. When you have drawned more then 2 aces in your reading it can indicate that there will be new opportunities on the way. The major arcana card the fool indicates that a new (spiritual) journey has started. Read more about tarot & numerology.

  • fun, excitement and enthusiasm
  • potential and confidence in a new project
  • high libido, sexual excitement
  • expressing yourself
  • a solution
  • being inspired
  • finding a creative approach

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Ace of Rods – Reversed


Reversed the energy of the Ace of Wands tarot card is lost. Maybe you are feeling distracted easily at the moment. Your energy is fading away. It can be temporary depending on the subject and the cards around.

Be conscious, ask yourself the question why you aren’t enthusiastic and passionate anymore. See if you can do something about the situation to get enthusiastic again and your energy back. The people around you can feel it too and it is demotivating them.

  • focus on one project
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • lack of passion
  • lack of energy
  • lack of potential
  • feeling down
  • release the barriers to your goal



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