King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – King of Chalices

King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – King of Chalices upright


king of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

as a person
The king of cups is an empathic and sensitive person. He is honest about his emotions and is emotionally balanced. This king is the master of his emotions and feelings. On the outside he can look very calm but on the inside this is a very passionate man. He is emotionally mature and understands his inner world very well. This king knows how to care for his people, understands human nature and gives emotional support were needed. He is a good listener and gives a good advice. The king of cups can represent a healer, therapist or doctor. The feminine and masculine energy of this king are both developed. This is a compassionated king. In a reading he can represent a loving man who is very centered.

as feelings
The king of cups represent appreciation, respect and loving feelings. It could be that these feelings are being expressed very calm while on the inside emotions are very passionate. This king is about tightly disciplined controlled emotions without suppressing his feelings.

as a situation
The king of cups can represent a balanced situation that is in control. People aren’t getting overwhelmed in this situation and are in control of their emotions. They accept there emotions and feelings and are emotionally mature.

The king of cups upright can represent improvement of health issues.

as advice

  • understand where you want to be and how to behave to get to it
  • be emotionally stable and balanced
  • be emotionally mature
  • accept and respect your feelings
  • accept the limitations of others
  • be caring, helping and be a good listener

King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – King of Chalices reversed


as a person
The king of cups upright is an empathic and sensitive person. When reversed he isn’t in control of his emotions. The need to express his feelings is gone and his emotions might turn inwards.


as feelings
He might feel very sad and he tends to drowns his emotions by drinking or other substances. He tries to escape his reality. It could be that he is overwhelmed by feelings or that he doesn’t feel anything at the moment.

This emotional strong king is not at his best at the moment when appearing reversed and he experiences feelings of melancholia. Feelings like he could have done better and feelings of pessimism.

as a situation
The king of cups can represent a situation that isn’t emotionally fulfilling. Something is blocking these feelings. Look at the cards around this card to find out what is blocking the feelings of the king of cups reversed.

as advice

  • weight the pro’s and the cons and find a way to accept the situation as it is
  • have a second thought about it
  • have a change of heart


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