Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Knight of Knives – Upright


knight of swords tarot card meanings upright and reversed

summary: Idealistic thoughts, idealistic motives, atmosphere with people with idealistic ideas, wanting to reach an idealistic goal, needs to watch out to not overreach the goal, wanting to reach your goal fast, using all your power to get your point across, wanting to convince people, aggresive selling, messages on how to do something or that you need to do it in some way.

as a person
The knight of swords upright is an idealistic person. He is fighting for what he thinks is right. This can be a shocking confrontation while the knight of swords can be a person who doesn’t use his sensitivity to express his thoughts. He is cut off from emotions. Therefore this can be a tough situation with this person even tough there is no intent to harm someone. The knight of swords upright has a forceful intellect and is very sharp and alert but this can change unexpectedly in sarcasm. The knight of swords represent teenagers and young people in their twenties.

as feelings
This card can indicate that someone is thinking about how to coop with the situation. There are no romantic feelings attached to the knight of swords. He rather expresses his feelings about the situation by telling how it in fact is (without sensitivity).

It could be that the person feels mentally stimulated.

as a message
It can be that you are receiving unwanted news, things are not going as planned.

as a situation
It can be that you avoided something and that now it is coming to the surface.

A cold atmosphere.

Not being afraid to express your idea about something or to tell it like it is.

as advice

  • be very clearheaded when starting a conversation
  • find out the more intellectual point of view of the situation
  • mental preparing

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings – Knight of Knives – Reversed


summary: Aggresion, looking for a fight, verbal agression, cursing, streetfight, irrisponsable behavior, war, messages about discussions or war.

as a person
This can be a boy that thinks he is a real man when he (literally) fights. The knight of swords reversed is someone with violence as an idealistic approach.

The knight of swords reversed isn’t mature but a teenager or someone in their twenties who likes to “fight for their right” or go for their ideals but do not understand the consequences. They probably blame you for it. This knight indicates someone who behaves irresponsible.

as feelings

This feelings are unstable and can change by “the direction of the wind”.


as a message
This could be a message about someone hacked your computer.

The knight of swords reversed can be a message about someone doesn’t know what he wants because he has scattered thoughts and feelings.

as a situation
This knight indicates a cold atmosphere where people are ignoring each other. It could als indicate a violent environment where it isn’t save.

Another way to interpret the knight of swords is a situation where people are in a hurry and are running along their target.

as advice

  • these are not the right people to hang out with
  • ask yourself: “Is this really a good idea?”
  • are you still on the right path and are you driving the speed that is allowed on this path?


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