Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – page of rods – princess of wands – upright

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – page of rods – princess of wands – upright


Page of wands tarot card meanings upright and reversed

as a person
The page of wands tarot card is very much connected to the fool. Both cards are enthusiastic and positive cards that represents people who receive the world with an open view and attitude.The difference is that the page of wands is a minor arcana card and the Fool a major arcana card.
Pages represent young children but also adults that learn something new. The page of wands is an enthusiastic action-orientated student. He is passionate about life and likes to express his energy into travelling or being creative.

as feelings
The page of wands indicate feelings of a new experience. There can be curiosity involved. These feeling are passionate and can be the start of something new.

as a message
Short positive (unexpected/news) messages and invitational messages.

as a situation
The page of wands likes to explore and discover new places or new experiences.
This can indicate adventurous travels for example.

This page can also indicate a new start or a new idea to explore. For example when a couple wants to experience something new together.

This court card can also indicate a new friend.

as advice

  • be open to new experiences
  • have an open view about the subject
  • explore your creative side
  • it is time to discover new areas


Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – page of rods – princess of wands – reversed


as a person
Reversed the page of wands has lost his creativity and enthusiasm. The reason for this can be explained by the tarot cards around this card in a spread. It could be that a new experience has not turned out the way this person wanted.

This person can be confused and is acting indecisive. He or she is procrastinating and isn’t a reliable person. This person doesn’t know what he wants and they probably have the feeling that life is passing by. This person needs a lot of attention.

as feeling
The feelings of this reversed page can be feelings of being burned out or feelings of disappointment. This energetic young person doesn’t feel energetic person at the moment.

Fear of travelling can be represented by the page of wands reversed.

as a message
A confusing message, a message without a purpose, a message bout delays, messages about changing plans, impatient or frustrations.

as advice

  • find out what your passion is
  • choose a stable direction
  •  stop procrastinating
  • make strong decisions
  • try to learn to emphatise and understand other people


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