Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Queen of Chalices

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Queen of Chalices upright


queen of cups tarot card meanings upright and reversed

as a person
The queen of cups upright is a very sensitive, intuitive and empathic person. She is seen as the clairvoyant queen of the deck. The queen of cups is connected to the matters of the heart. These are not logic and can be understood by intuition. This queen has a strong imagination and brings messages through dreams. When this card appears often in your spreads you are probably in a period in your life that you or someone in your environment are developing these qualities. The queen of cups can also represent a motherly type or someone who guides you or a therapist or healer.

as feelings
It is possible that your partner is in love with you as this cards appears for his feelings for you.

When this card appears often in your readings it can be that you have to pay more attention to you sixth sense in concern to your relationship. It can be difficult to formulate your feelings.

as a situation
In this situation you can rely on your intuition. You are very open to the feelings of other people and are in harmony with your environment. You have the feeling that words are unnecessary.

The queen of cups upright brings feelings of peace and friendliness to a situation. Look at the surrounding cards for the reason of these feelings.

Someone is having warm-hearted feelings.

You have to be carefull to only trust people because of your feelings/emotions about them.

as advice

  • be conscious to what you are feeling, is this correct to the situation?
  • are people treating you well and are they caring?
  • be caring and empathic
  • use your intuition more to the situation
  • are your emotions and intuition aligned?


Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Queen of Chalices reversed


as a person
The queen of cups reversed is still a very sensitive person since she is connected to the matters of the heart. Reversed she has some characteristics you need to be aware of. She is not reliable as the queen of cups upright is. She probably isn’t very much aware of it that she can be over-sentimental. She is dreamy and she can’t manage her life because she is not practical at all.

This queen represses her feelings. It is possible she represses her feelings by drinking. When she is hiding her feelings she shies away.

The queen of cups can be emotionally confused.

as feelings
 The feelings of the queen of cups are probably repressed or she can not express them well. This person can cause emotional hurt or have bin emotionally bin hurt. She can feel very shy and maybe even would wish that she was invisible.

as a situation
 Some information is hidden when the queen of cups reversed appears. You do not know the whole story of a situation and there can be hidden truths.

as advice

  • do you use you psychic abilities in the wrong way?
  • are your emotions and intuition aligned?
  • what do you feel and how do you feel about it?
  • is there a person in your environment that not practical and very dreamy?


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