Tarot Pairs that show up often in your readings

tarot pairs that show up often tarot spread

Sometimes it happens that the same tarot pair is showing up in different readings for the same person. This is doesn’t happen a lot but it happend to me a few weeks ago. I was drawing the tarot pair Empress + High Priestess more often in a row, exactly next to eachother. I do not recommened to break your head about it when it happens, but if you are curious and you like to practice your tarot reading skills I have something for you.

When you don’t know what this pair of tarot cards is trying to tell you, you can do another tarot reading to find out what this tarot pair of card means. The following tarot spread is showing what the tarot pair is trying to tell you.


Tarot Pairs that show up often Tarot Spread


****************** 0 ***********************

****** 1 ********* 5 ********* 3 ***********

****** 2 ******************** 4 ************


0. The tarot pair that is showing up often (lay them down in this position)
1. What is the subject why this tarot pair is showing up often?
2. This is how it happend / the cause
3. What will I gain or lose from this?
4. What is this tarot pair NOT about?
5. What is the advice to deal with this?

What are youre results with this tarot spread and does it work for you? Please leave a comment.

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