Tarot Reading Week 15, 2017

Tarot Reading Week 15, 2017

Tarot reading results for week 15

GREEN: The king of swords upright This week is one of making sound decisions. This week is about seperating the wheat from the chaff. Also a week of learning and teaching or meeting someone who teaches you. In regard to work and career its time to drop tasks, work and other things that didn’t work and to go straight to the core of any problem in order to solve them. In regard to love and relationships the time for playing is over, it is time for more serious decisions.

RED:  ace of cups reversed If you spend too much time on your own, this week it’s time to go outside and meet some people. There are chances for new friendships or romance but you might not see your chances. Don’t let yourself get dragged down because you might feel easily emotional overwhelmed this week. You can change this feeling by seeing your chances when it comes to having a good time with your friends or a new lover. Share your emotions with a friend or loved one. In regard to jo and career you might doubt if this is still the job you love but its important to know that this is just a temporary feeling. In regard to love and relationships it is important to see that there are chances here. If you had a difficult time there will be renewed feelings of love for eachother when you are open and willing to receive love. Ask for guidance when you need it.

YELLOW: 6 of pentacles upright This week is about exchanges of material items or money. Selling, exchanges and lending might be a theme for you. The cooperation will be good. So if someone owes you something they will give it back to you and the other way around. Exchanges might fel this week as a challenge but things will develop better then you might think. So in rgard to job and career your employer might owe you some money you haven’t got yet but this week you will get it back. In regard to love and relationships it could be about material exchanges but also about giving the care to each other that you missed last time.

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