SAME DAY Tarot Readings – 2 Questions 400 Words

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Ask 2 questions and receive your reading within 4-24 hours by email.


Same day tarot readings:

…Give you guidance and insight in your situation within 4-24 hours. You can ask up to 2 questions. Let us know in advance if you like to receive your same day tarot readings in audio format instead of email format.

What can I ask:

You can ask any open question in any area like for example about love, friendships, travels, business or family related subjects. Attach your question in the “notes”during the transaction or send an email to After we received your order you will receive your same day tarot readings within 4-24 hours.


Consciousness artist Charis Félice is the founder HealingTarotNet. Personal development and self-insight are the most important factors in tarot readings from HTN. Your tarot reader will help you with your questions on love relationships, business and career. If you have any questions feel free to contact at


This product is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services. Outcomes are never set in stone because we have a free will as human beings. This means that we can choose for another path even if a psychic medium made you a prediction. In this reading you will read the most likely outcome.

All readings of HealingTarotNet are personal. On request it is possible to record the reading in spoken words so you will receive an audio format instead of an email format.

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