Skype LIVE Reading – 30 min.


45.00 35.00

Ask your question in a live reading on Skype.


The Skype LIVE reading is a POWERFULL and INTERACTIVE way to get your answer on your question. With tarot cards I will give an answer on your question. You can also choose for a general live reading. The cards will give advice to the most important subject for you at the moment.
You can just send me a note when you have remarks. Aftter your order I will send you an email with dates and my Skype name so we can make an appointment to meet live on Skype.
On the day we do the reading you will hear and see me on Skype. Be sure you have a webcam and microphone as well to get the most out of your live reading of 30 MINUTES.

My name is Charis Félice and HealingTarotNet is my website you probably know me from. HealingTarotNet is focused on giving readings to support your personal development and self-insight. I am a tarot reader and coach. I will help you with your questions on love relationships, business and career. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

This product is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services.

All readings of HealingTarotNet are personal. This reading is written by e-mail but on request it is possible to record the reading in spoken words so you will receive an audio format.

Pictures all rights reserved Charis Félice

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