July 30 August 5 2018 weekly tarot reading
Weekly Tarot Readings

Week 31, 2018 July 29- August 5 Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations

Week 31 2018

July 30 – August 5, 2018 Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations

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Week 31, 2018 July 29 – August 5

Weekly Tarot Reading + Tarot Combinations

July 30 August 5 2018 weekly tarot reading


king of wands upright clarified by death reversed and knight of pentacles reversed

To head in the direction you want to go you need to have a vision and to know what this would look like. Visualizing the desired results will help you this week to get where you want to be.

It is like the kings of wands is this week in a need for change. This could be you or someone in your environment. It is like you or them are working hard to make everything stable again in the areas in you life that are important to you right now.

Love and relationships

If your relationship is not the way you like it to be, you both need to make it better. You always have to work on the areas you like to see change, it doesn’t happen by itself. If you are both clear on what you want from a relationship you can make it happen. No room for “can’t, won’t and maybe tommorow” this week. Changes are coming up and so you need to be clear on what is next. It could also be that one of you is having a vision on how the future should look like and so you need to do some preparation for that.

For singles there might be someone who is interested in you and they like to let you know in a firm way without being overwhelming or dominant. You feel like there is a change coming up because this could be someone you already know and you both need to work on your relationship to make this change happen.

Job and career

Lazy behavior and procrastination won’t be appreciated this week. You need to stand up and make your vision clear. Change is coming so you could better prepare for what is next.

For entrepreneurs you need to take the lead. Maybe you have to be more clear towards your customers where they can buy your products or services for example. Maybe your customers can win something this week and so they need to take a little more action to get what they like to have.

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Tarot Combinations

Death reversed + knight of pentacles reversed = working hard on upcoming changes, inventarisation, preparation

King of wands clarified by death reversed = taking the lead to trigger change and set a vision on how things should be

King of wands clarified by knight of pentacles reversed = working hard on leadership skills and vision, getting rid of laziness and procrastination


7 of cups upright clarified by 4 of pentacles upright and 8 of cups reversed

Sometimes it feels like you need to hold on on someone or something because it is everything you ever wanted. But how many people and circumstances are still in your life that you wanted to keep? Life changes all the time and there are circumstances and people to stay in you life but while the time passes you also think differently about what is the best to keep and so it seems that there is a new start coming up for you. Even though you think that you should keep certain things in your life, deep down you are already emotionally prepared for something new.

Love and relationships

In regard to love and relationships you feel like there are many options but in fact there are no options. It is good to dream but you shouldn’t get caught up in illusions. This week is to prepare yourself emotionally for seeing the truth because it will serve you much better then the illusions. So for example if you are just in love with someone you probably can’t hide this all the time. People do notice it. Or when you think you can get away with not telling the truth to your partner, this is just an illusion because it is not an option if you want to be in a good relationship.

For singles you might be dreaming away and building sandcastles about what to keep for yourself in your situation. For example if you are starting to date with people you consider to not tell a particular thing about yourself during a date. In fact this doesn’t work in reality because when you have a relationship with someone at a certain moment they just should know. Also if you are in love with someone you need to know if they like you back but that is this week difficult to see for you. It is like you are preparing emotionally for what is coming up.

Job and career

It might be difficult to see everything clear this week. Maybe you are blinded by opportunities or new jobs but these opportunities are not sure. Don’t throw out you old shoes before you have new ones. There will be a new start soon but it isn’t the right time yet.

For entrepreneurs, someone might promise you something great and in the end it was just an illusion or it could be the other way around. Someone promises you something great and you think it is all BS but in the end it is great. Don’t act upon illusions this week. If someone is not responding this could have several reasons. Hold on and keep contacting them. Don’t dream away too much and don’t make plans based on illusions. If you don’t know for sure you can’t make any plans. Go for clarity and don’t dream away with what “could be”.

In regard to money this week might be a lot of promises but it will be best to keep your wallet tight.

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Tarot Combinations

4 of pentacles + 8 of cups reversed = Can’t let go while you know you should soon

7 of cups upright clarified by 4 of pentacles upright = Holding on to illusions while you know that you do

7 of cups upright clarified by 8 of cups reversed = Unrealistic opportunities that do not have any chance



9 of cups upright clarified by 2 of pentacles reversed and 6 of cups upright

This week there is  something or someone you wished for that is showing up for you. You don’t have to juggle anymore between tasks or investments of time. It is like you can now enjoy and be satified that the harmony is back again especially in regard to your social life. It is time to breath again.

Love and relationships

If you are in a relationship it is a happy week for you both. If you wished everything would become all alright, back to how things weer in the past you can feel this vibe this week. You or your partner can stop the juggle and enjoy your time together and with old friends.

For singles, if you wished that someone you know is contacting you, they will this week. This could be an old friend or a friendly ex, someone you see as a friend,  someone from your childhood more so then a broken friendship or relationship. It even looks like your desires with this person are coming through here. So maybe it’s something you hoped all along is going to happen or they admit something. It is probably about something what was for a longer time on your mind. You probably see old friends this week and it looks overall bright and like things used to be in good times.

Job and career

Harmony is returning on the workfloor and everything feels back to normal again in a pleasant way.

If you wished for a job at an old employer or company they might contact you this week.

If you had too many tasks you can probably drop them this week.

For entrepreneurs there will be a rising line again in their income and so there is less stress. harmony is returning this week and if you wished for something small to happen this is what you can expect.

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Tarot Combinations

9 of cups upright clarified by 2 of pentacles reversed = Happily dropping a task like you wished for.

9 of cups upright clarified by 6 of cups upright = Everything is back to how things were in positive times

2 of pentacles reversed + 6 of cups upright = Choosing to only spend time on what always made you happy

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