When the same tarot cards are showing up often

When the same tarot cards are showing up often, you are probably asking yourself why it is that this card is coming up every time. Often it means that there is a lesson in this card that you did not fully understood yet. Remember that this is not neccesarily a good or bad thing. It depents on the cards and the context in the reading. Also take notice if the advice is to to take any action or to wait.

Event did not occur yet

Another reason that the same tarot cards are showing up more often is that the subject of event of that card hasn’t occured yet. The card could tell something about an outlook of something (something = your subject of your reading). When you are doing a reading about the same subject more often within a short amount of time, you might see the same tarot cards appear in your tarot readings. It is good to wait a few days before you ask the same question to don’t get confused what this same tarot card is telling you.

They show you where you are in the journey

When the same numbers are often showing up in your readings it tells about the numerologic aspect of the card. When a tarot card with number 10 is returns for example, there is some kind of period ending in your life. There is also a possibility the number 10 shows up again and again but together with aces, the fool or pages. The number of a tarot card could tell you something about where you are in the journey of the subject. The aces could indicate you are already busy with new beginnings.

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Fears or obsessions

Sometimes people explain certain tarot card as a “negative” tarot card. I personally do not see any tarot card as negative. Sometimes there have to happen “negative” things in order to create balance, karmic justice or transformation. When you see that everytime the same “negative” tarot card shows up in your reading, this could tell something about changes in your situation or chaos which will lead to transformations. It could also be that you are projecting your fears or obsessions in this time of period on the tarot cards, especially when cards as the devil shows up often.



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